Exhausted, depressed & incredible frustrated

Falling into the black hole of Facebook is one of my vices. You see, I have carefully curated the people that I’m connected to. Though I have reached the limit of ‘friends’, many of them I don’t know at all and many others only know ‘online’. Facebook is a business resource for me, but it’s […]

You are that person

I don’t think I’m alone in experiencing struggle over the last few weeks and months. To make sense of so many things in this world and in my life. If I’m honest, I have faced challenges that have at moments felt insurmountable and I’ve experienced a sense of sadness, loss and a kind of mourning […]

You, a sumo? Really?

The view is perfect. The coffee shop has a buzz that, strangely enough, keeps me focused but the view is what really helps my thought process.There’s a lot of light, traffic and people going by. The truck is blocked and beeping like crazy – the sound drowns out the music and buzz enough to distract […]

Shift your reality…literally

She drew my attention to it, with tears in her eyes.  My coffee shop acquaintance – one of the people that I would love to call a friend and hope we will be one day.  She reads my stories, is probably reading this (and I hope you forgive me for being inspired and humbled by […]

I’m dreading it

We’ve been facing a health crisis with a loved one in our family. It’s a tough time. Just when we think we’re out of the forest and the outlook is better, something else shows up. It’s not easy. And there’s hasn’t been much of a bright light up ahead, at least not in the last […]

What keeps you going?

He moved his computer over and made some space so I could squeeze in beside him. It’s been a while since we sat side by side in the coffee shop. I was happy for the chance to catch up. Truth is, the conversations with him often inspire me to write about. He’s so bright and […]

You did it where?

The first time I noticed was on a transatlantic flight, heading to the US on a business trip. It was out of necessity more than anything else. I’d had a hectic few weeks and I felt incredibly unprepared for the workshop that I was going to give over the next few days. At first I […]

The Surprising Lessons of Travel

I distinctly remember thinking – when I grow up, I’ll get a job that sends me to all kinds of interesting places around the world. A few years ago, I realized that I had created that job for myself. Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for the invitations to speak in so […]

Get it right

It was after 10pm but I’d promised I’d make my boys soda bread. It was for a school event, everyone had to bring some food that is typical for their family – of course, Irish Soda bread was the answer! I’ve been making Soda Bread for years, my mother and grandmother made it too. Aside […]

He Literally Shrieked

I’d left the house at 2.30 in the morning…. drove to the station, the train ride, check-in at one terminal, bused to the other, security, passports and finally a cup of coffee before standing in yet another line at the gate. The excitement about the trip had somewhat dulled by the time we boarded that […]