6 Steps To Making Up Your Mind (when you just don’t know what to do!)

It was an annual event although they said this would probably be the very last time. I really wanted to go and yet it was very costly. I’d have to cover the cost of the flight, the event itself, the hotel and that’s not including the jet-lag,  catching up, missing many work hours – possible […]

Routine, Discipline, Commitment – Tips for writer’s block

I’d been trying to push out this story for a few hours. It’s stuck. I’m uninspired. I’m empty. And I remember the interview I came upon a few years ago, alone in a hotel room, somewhere in Europe, after a day of workshops and ‘performing’ – after a shower, ready to collapse into an exhausted […]

5 Steps to Powerful Story Impact

It was just a few days before my business trip. My first time to Madrid, Spain. I was prepared and excited to speak at this conference, my first time speaking to a large audience in Europe. I had it all planned out, the only thing missing was a local story. You see, I always like […]

I’m coming out

For years people have suggested that my work has a spiritual aspect to it. I usually smile, shrug and move on. And then this happened.  We were out running, my son and I. It was in the middle of the high holidays, usually a time for soul searching and contemplation. Even so, when he said […]

sorry if I hurt you…

It’s the New Year celebrations in this part of the world.  Usually a time of reflection and repentance…a time of celebration and awareness…and above all, a time to get together and eat!   As a child I remember the excitement of the Jewish New Year. The table would be set beautifully and candles lit, the […]

The Unexpected Impact Your Story Can Have

The train schedule is all over the place. They’re doing massive construction on new infrastructure in the city so this ‘temporary inconvenience’ has been going on for weeks. As my trip drew closer I was trying to figure out how to avoid spending  a fortune, and how to disturb the least amount of peoples sleep […]

When they say ‘trust me’ – don’t

I remember the day I discovered it for the first time. The day that I realized that there are situations and people where you just don’t know who you can trust. I was a student, it was summertime and I was traveling across London to meet up with some friends. The London Underground was that […]

It’s not true

I just realized it. I kind of caught myself by surprise. I decided to be super efficient and write all my stories in advance, which I do often. But this time, to make them suit where I was at the time. That’s how I wrote the ‘storyzines’ that went out while I was away on vacation. […]

Home Sweet Home

I was barely an adult the first time I realized it. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Once you leave the place you grew up and make a home somewhere else – you’re probably going to miss somewhere forever. That used to make me sad. It was several years later, when I’d lived […]

a fax machine, seriously?

It was a cold Tuesday morning. My father had left the house early. He arrived back very excited. He called me into the office – “you must see this – it’s a fantastic new technology.” “What is it?” I asked. His eyes lit up as he cleared a space on the desk and lifted the […]