Can you really make it happen?

I had ordered my coffee, unpacked my bag and was setting in for a few hours of work at the coffee shop. I had a short list of house-keeping stuff to do, make a  dental appointment for my son, follow up with my friend about meeting before she headed off on vacation and connect with […]

They didn’t even look up from their phones…

It was a beautiful restaurant, the kind where you know the food will be good because the smell is so wonderful from the minute you walk through the door. At the next table, a group of 5. They seemed familiar with each other, like good friends or family, but not couples that was clear. The […]

Bring it Back

He used to arrive to the classroom with a huge overloaded bag. He slam it on his desk and then dip into the bag to take out a book. He’d look at the title, scan the room and then throw it out to one of us, his students of English. Of course he was young […]

What do you choose?

It had been a few months since I noticed the downturn. I was sick to my stomach. It’s not like these dry spells were just a pain in the butt – they were critical to my survival. You see it was also incredibly contagious. When I struggled to write, I struggled to speak, I became […]

Trusting or Stupid?

I specifically remember my mother telling me not to leave a bag in sight. When we were driving, she would never put her purse on the seat beside the driver. There was a genuine concern that, if we stopped at a traffic light, someone could break the window and steal her purse. Yes, this was […]


I sat in the meeting and felt small. I noticed everyone around me laughing and I felt sick to my stomach. Should I pretend? You see, I felt like my business dilemmas much be so much bigger and more critical that anyone else’s. And I had travelled so far. I had spent so much money […]

What a failure

She sat opposite me, I overheard him ask her – so what do you do? Then he looked at me, smiled and said to her, tell me your story in one sentence. We were at the coffee shop, my usual work hangout. We’re quite a gang now, some of us have been working here for […]

You ‘should’ do this – I don’t think so….

The phone rang. I should answer that. I had been in the middle of writing a proposal. It took me 10 minutes to get off the call. And at least another 10 to get back to writing the proposal. The meeting was supposed to start at midday. They won’t be discussing my project this time, […]

You’re so mean

or 10 Rules to Live & Work By It was more than 20 years ago and yet the memory resurfaces and I get a bitter taste in my mouth. I would have thought that 20 years is enough time to forget such a silly  incident, something that didn’t matter at all. But I’ve never forgotten. […]

I Love You

I am ashamed of my cruelty. In that precious moment, there is nothing more hurtful that the words “I know”. I couldn’t believe that I had inflicted it on him. He was precious and sweet and kind and loving. And he was brave. He looked at me, completely serious in his apology. I didn’t mean […]