Trusting or Stupid?

I specifically remember my mother telling me not to leave a bag in sight. When we were driving, she would never put her purse on the seat beside the driver. There was a genuine concern that, if we stopped at a traffic light, someone could break the window and steal her purse. Yes, this was […]


I sat in the meeting and felt small. I noticed everyone around me laughing and I felt sick to my stomach. Should I pretend? You see, I felt like my business dilemmas much be so much bigger and more critical that anyone else’s. And I had travelled so far. I had spent so much money […]

Can I speak with you?

Can I speak with you? I’d like to be straight with you. No messing around. No ‘marketing’-speak… And first (of course!) a story. We sat outside with the glorious winter sun warming us, the calm before the storm, expected rain for the rest of the week. She said to me, but you’re not normal Lisa, […]

What a failure

She sat opposite me, I overheard him ask her – so what do you do? Then he looked at me, smiled and said to her, tell me your story in one sentence. We were at the coffee shop, my usual work hangout. We’re quite a gang now, some of us have been working here for […]

You ‘should’ do this – I don’t think so….

The phone rang. I should answer that. I had been in the middle of writing a proposal. It took me 10 minutes to get off the call. And at least another 10 to get back to writing the proposal. The meeting was supposed to start at midday. They won’t be discussing my project this time, […]

You’re so mean

or 10 Rules to Live & Work By It was more than 20 years ago and yet the memory resurfaces and I get a bitter taste in my mouth. I would have thought that 20 years is enough time to forget such a silly  incident, something that didn’t matter at all. But I’ve never forgotten. […]

I Love You

I am ashamed of my cruelty. In that precious moment, there is nothing more hurtful that the words “I know”. I couldn’t believe that I had inflicted it on him. He was precious and sweet and kind and loving. And he was brave. He looked at me, completely serious in his apology. I didn’t mean […]

Unexpected advice from the guy I couldn’t stand

Unexpected advice from the guy I couldn’t stand I was incredibly reluctant to join the program. It felt like the same thing all over again. I could teach this stuff I said. But he insisted, do it for me he said, so we can talk in the same language. I agreed. He was right. I […]

Choose Joy

The last day of my year was beautiful. I spent some time with every member of my family that lives is the same country as me – ate some delicious food, saw a moving, beautiful movie. And as we brought in the new year, I had a few special hours drinking wine in a tiny […]

Desire, Intention, Practice

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. And I don’t believe in regret. I’m not sure we ever really change that much. And I still wonder what truly motivates people. It may sound strange seeing as my whole life is dedicated to supporting and coaching people through change. Whether working with individuals or groups, we […]