when it all falls apart….

I’m guessing that this is the perfect time for the biggest, brightest full moon than has been seen on the planet for several generations. A time of upheaval, unrest and discomfort – a time where we could do with more light. I remember the times I’ve stood in the midst of a huge storm – […]

6 Steps To Making Up Your Mind (when you just don’t know what to do!)

It was an annual event although they said this would probably be the very last time. I really wanted to go and yet it was very costly. I’d have to cover the cost of the flight, the event itself, the hotel and that’s not including the jet-lag,  catching up, missing many work hours – possible […]

Routine, Discipline, Commitment – Tips for writer’s block

I’d been trying to push out this story for a few hours. It’s stuck. I’m uninspired. I’m empty. And I remember the interview I came upon a few years ago, alone in a hotel room, somewhere in Europe, after a day of workshops and ‘performing’ – after a shower, ready to collapse into an exhausted […]

5 Steps to Powerful Story Impact

It was just a few days before my business trip. My first time to Madrid, Spain. I was prepared and excited to speak at this conference, my first time speaking to a large audience in Europe. I had it all planned out, the only thing missing was a local story. You see, I always like […]

I’m coming out

For years people have suggested that my work has a spiritual aspect to it. I usually smile, shrug and move on. And then this happened.  We were out running, my son and I. It was in the middle of the high holidays, usually a time for soul searching and contemplation. Even so, when he said […]

sorry if I hurt you…

It’s the New Year celebrations in this part of the world.  Usually a time of reflection and repentance…a time of celebration and awareness…and above all, a time to get together and eat!   As a child I remember the excitement of the Jewish New Year. The table would be set beautifully and candles lit, the […]

Home Sweet Home

I was barely an adult the first time I realized it. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Once you leave the place you grew up and make a home somewhere else – you’re probably going to miss somewhere forever. That used to make me sad. It was several years later, when I’d lived […]

a fax machine, seriously?

It was a cold Tuesday morning. My father had left the house early. He arrived back very excited. He called me into the office – “you must see this – it’s a fantastic new technology.” “What is it?” I asked. His eyes lit up as he cleared a space on the desk and lifted the […]

the working holiday addiction

It’s a bit like multi-tasking. I reckoned it was just the way I was wired and what I ‘needed’ to do. Working holidays – kind of the same. I just do one or two things during the time away – so, yes, I’d have to bring my computer and some materials but I wouldn’t work […]

Summer loving…

Summer loving…. Not too hot, nor cold. A comfy chair. A great book. Quiet. A cup of tea. A cool breeze. An empty house. Wow, it’s been a while since I could have such luxurious reading time. These days it seems to be squeezed between running the kids somewhere, getting through a business meeting, delivering […]