Can I speak with you?

Can I speak with you? I’d like to be straight with you. No messing around. No ‘marketing’-speak… And first (of course!) a story. We sat outside with the glorious winter sun warming us, the calm before the storm, expected rain for the rest of the week. She said to me, but you’re not normal Lisa, […]

Say It Out Loud

When my friend arrived at the Cafe, she seems both stressed and distracted.  We ordered coffee, sat down and she burst out, “that’s it.  I’m doing it.  I’ve sent out lots of resumes but I need a job NOW. Not in three months but right now.  I’ve been confused for ages, but I just have […]

Role-Model : Day 63

 –          Terry’s Story I was born in Israel and in due course have joined the Israeli Army. My position during this period was to welcome 18 years young ladies to the army, train their mind and body and transform them into confident, reliable, healthy and fit soldiers that the country could rely on. I remember […]

Belonging – Day 62

Cara’s Story Cheryl belonged to a community called ‘the Center’; they live together and have a guru.  As we finished our work together she invited me to a retreat, a ‘cleanse’ for the soul.  She thought it would be really good for me. I had not done any self-development work for a long time; it […]

Dancing Life – Day 61

Nathalie’s Story A couple of years ago I was in a leadership program. One of the leaders cornered me. She said ‘stop what you’re doing; stop this bullshit, the story you’re telling yourself.’ She asked, ‘what is the real question for you about?’ And I said ‘choosing life’. She said, ‘do you choose life, are […]

Survivors – Day 60

– Ruth’s Story My father was a truck driver. When we moved to Los Angeles, my older brother and I travelled with my father in the truck.  I remember breaking down in New Mexico and just hanging out.  It was the best time I ever had with my father.  Our home was never a very […]

The Spark – Day 59

Denise’s Story I’m 53 years old. I was born with cerebral palsy.  My mother went into labor when she was just 6 months pregnant.  My dad wasn’t there to bring her to the hospital, my aunt took her.  The nurse held my mom’s legs together for 20 minutes and it cut the oxygen off from […]

Being Okay – Day 58

Chloe’s Story My story is about exploring the gap between making a go for an extraordinary life and not having really arrived there.  It’s a pretty uncomfortable place to be in.  Some people are really rooting for you but they secretly think that if you fail then it’s a reason for them not to go […]

The Climb – Day 57

Lorca’s Story When I was a little girl, my father was a climbing guide; I lived with and watched climbers.  There were climbers that had accidents so very early on I was made aware of mortality in a context that this as a good way to live; the right way to live. This was how […]

Gentle Flower – Day 56

Kamala’s Story I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, the eldest child and first grandchild in a predominantly Irish Catholic family.    My father had studied for the priesthood, bringing ‘shame’ to the family when he left the seminary.   Even though there were far darker family secrets, Gramma saw Dad’s marriage to Mom – […]