Can I speak with you?

Can I speak with you? I’d like to be straight with you. No messing around. No ‘marketing’-speak… And first (of course!) a story. We sat outside with the glorious winter sun warming us, the calm before the storm, expected rain for the rest of the week. She said to me, but you’re not normal Lisa, […]

Say It Out Loud

When my friend arrived at the Cafe, she seems both stressed and distracted.  We ordered coffee, sat down and she burst out, “that’s it.  I’m doing it.  I’ve sent out lots of resumes but I need a job NOW. Not in three months but right now.  I’ve been confused for ages, but I just have […]

5 Secrets to Feel the Fear and Knock it Out of the Court!

I woke up at 4.30am with my heart pounding, completely disoriented and with no idea why I felt such panic. Then I remembered, it was the big day. The day I had been planning for for over 9 months, it was the big event. I tried to fall back asleep but realized it was useless. […]

Ever Lost Your Voice?

It was that simple. I woke up one morning and when I started to speak nothing came out. And I mean nothing! Please like & share:

On The Road

It’s summertime and over the last few days I keep seeing hitch-hikers. It’s like when you buy a red umbrella, the first you’ve ever seen in your life, and then everyday for the next week you see them everywhere. Or when you think you might be pregnant and then everywhere you look you see women […]

I Lied

It’s a personal story, this.  One from a long time ago… It’s now that I notice how relevant it is to business storytelling. There are certain moments when you just know that the truth won’t go down well. Please like & share:

…A War Zone, and You?

She asked me, so what is your inner guidance saying? I couldn’t answer; it seemed such a strange question as I contemplated the few days that had passed.  I thought I was disconnected from all inner guidance.  But I was proven wrong… It had been pretty surreal.  The webinar began and I told everyone that […]

A Painful Reminder…

I was doing regular stuff.  I’d made the kids something to eat, I was just tidying up a few of the things left lying around.  I reached over to put a book back in the shelf and I felt the jolt.  That familiar feeling, an over stretch, a slight tear, the stab of pain. Please […]

In Recovery — Are You?

I am a recovering multi-tasker and not always so much in recovery.  For years, I truly believed that if you can do more than one thing at a time, that was always the better option. That if you can do several things at a time you simply get more done and save more time. It’s […]

The Power of Stories

When was the last time you heard a great story? You know the kind…where you are entranced, your imagination is peaked, you find yourself repeating it to someone else. You may have heard it in passing. It may have been a friend or colleague that told you something that just kind of stuck. It was […]