Corporate Storytelling


From Executive Coaching & Leadership Development to Outstanding Speaking Skills, a Unique and Creative Way to Develop Empowered and Strategically Aligned Organizations

We combine years of experience in Training and Development, Coaching and Performance Storytelling, to offer exceptional programs for your organization.

Using storytelling, THE most powerful tool of influence EVER, Story Coach offers compelling, exciting programs specifically designed to meet the needs of your organization.  With an international network of Certified Story Coaches, we are positioned strategically for full scale-ability.

Offering Leadership Development Programs, Executive Coaching, High Potential Coaching and Training and Skills-Development  Workshops  & Programs –

The measurable results are:

  • Highly energized and motivated leaders
  • Great leadership competency
  • More effective teams
  • More productive, loyal and happy employees
  • More repeat business – loyal clientele
  • Increased revenues – it always hits the bottom line!


If you think of the most successful and inspiring Leaders you’ll probably notice that they are great storytellers! When you think of the times that you have been most impacted and influenced in your career, it’s most likely to have involved some great storytelling.

We always remember the story! And the greatest moments in organizations, and even in history, were influenced by powerful stories.

The Story Coaching Program is designed for Executives and Senior Leaders who want to engage and inspire their audience (whatever size); Leaders who want to access their authentic, inspired selves while learning to creatively articulate their vision and ideas.

When you dare to tell your story you can connect deeply, contribute widely and inspire those you are called to support, in your professional life.   Using transformational learning techniques & tools, you will reach Mastery in your Presentation Skills.

The Executive Coaching Program is often delivered in preparation for a specific high-stake Speaking engagement where there is only one chance to have enormous impact on a large audience. It can also be delivered to increase the general capability in this crucial area of Senior Leadership.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT – Demystifying Leadership Presence Once and For All!

The Story Coach Approach to Leadership Development is a Unique and Creative Way to Develop Empowered and Strategically Aligned Leaders with a Focus on Increasing Impact, Influence, Performance, and Results.

Transformational Story Leaders are equipped to shift culture, engage, motivate and inspire others within their organizations with powerful Leadership Presence.

The Leadership Presence Management Development Program focuses on developing advanced skills, behaviors and mindsets around the following areas:

  • •    Authenticity
  • •    Accountability
  • •    Outstanding Communication
  • •    Engagement

The program develops the framework for enabling the following:


  • • Finding new solutions to shift from challenge to opportunity
  • • Establishing the road map of innovation
  • • Accessing personal talent and passion for leadership greatness


  • • Developing outstanding personal and organizational performance
  • • Moving into authentic, values based high performance
  • • Creating a culture of trust and partnership


  • • Motivating and inspiring collaborative relationships
  • • Managing organizational change and trend shifts
  • • Creating and implementing strategy

Designed for Leaders to transform their ability to impact and influence the organization and step into leadership presence. We focus on creating the following outcomes:

  • •    Highly engaged Managers, ready to create engaged and motivated teams
  • •    Consistently generating desired business results by empowering others
  • •    Stepping into a clear and easily perceived ‘presence’ in your role
  • •    Significantly advanced communication skills
  • •    Increased confidence to convey clear messages


Powerful Storytelling for Advanced Presentation Skills

Most organizations and their employees suffer from having too many meetings with too many ineffective presentation. It has often become the culture to use slides and decks that have far too much information with little meaning and zero impact.

It’s time to pimp up your powerpoint – or dump it! Seriously, you need to tell powerful stories if you want the impact that great presentation makes. Story Coaching takes Presentation Skills to a whole new level. If you want to inspire your audience, raise awareness and support for your project or convince stakeholders to invest, Presentation Mastery is for you.


One of the very few constants in organizations is the presence of change. On every level, in every part of the organization, change occurs. Planning for, coping with and responding to change is a constant demand and takes significant resources on an on-going basis in all organizations.

Typically, the people who are tasked with change management spend major time, energy and resources on the development and implementation of change processes and very little time on the articulation of the actual change. What results is that when these key people get to talk about the change, they become overwhelmed by the details of these complex projects and processes and less effective in their articulation. Instead of soliciting interest, enthusiasm and support for the change process, they are confronted with confusion, resistance and rejection. This is a frustrating and costly outcome.

Telling the Story of Change is the result of years of developing stories with and for change management projects and processes in global organizations worldwide.

We all know that Storytelling is a powerful way to engage, inspire and motivate individuals and teams.  During this process, we explore and understand the impact of story in the context of creating engagement and enhancing the change process.  As a result you will create an engaged, collaborative team that will have a new perspective on how to talk about and implement change to:

  • •    Simplify the issues relating to the project so that it can be communicated more with precision and clear
  • •    Develop the key messages
  • •    Learn how to create a story so that it serves you, your team and your organization best
  • •    Prioritize audiences, discover powerful existing stories and highlight resistance so that an effective approach can be developed
  • •    Create an effectively strategic plan to communicate the new change story across the organization

Other Corporate Workshops Include:

  • Conflict Resolution – ‘Building Bridges – Understanding Narrative War for Conflict Resolution’
  • Sales & Marketing Focused Training – ‘Storytelling = StorySelling’ & ‘Client Attraction – Storytelling for Engagement’
  • Time Management & Productivity Training – ‘Once Upon a What?’

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