Lisa is an inspiring and passionate speaker and expert on the business and art of storytelling.

She offers practical guidance, clear strategies and inspiring revelations based on a wealth of experience and an exceptional talent for finding the story in every moment.

Lisa’s speaking style is warm, approachable, entertaining and inspiring; bringing enormous enthusiasm, insight, and energy to her presentations.

As a speaker, coach and trainer, Lisa has delivered powerful messages to people all over the world including coaches, entrepreneurs, corporate organizations, non-profits and professional groups.

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Telling the Story of Change is the result of years of developing stories with and for change management projects and processes in global organizations worldwide. One of the very few constants in organizations is change. Planning for, coping with and responding to change is a constant demand and takes significant resources in all organizations.

Typically, the people who are tasked with change management spend major time, energy and resources on the development and implementation of change processes and very little time on the articulation of the actual change. What results is that when these key people get to talk about the change, they become overwhelmed by the details of these complex projects and processes and less effective in their articulation.  Instead of soliciting interest, enthusiasm and support for the change process, they are confronted with confusion, resistance and rejection.  This is a frustrating and costly outcome.

We all know that Storytelling is a powerful way to engage, inspire and motivate individuals and teams.  ‘Telling the Story of Change’ we will explore and understand the impact of story in the context of creating engagement and enhancing the change process.

Storytelling – the Key to Successful Leaders & Powerful Presentation – Exploring the power of storytelling as the ultimate tool for creative impact, deep connection and leading with inspired resonance. Great leaders and successful organizations all tell a good story. Learn how to:

  • Understand the Power of Story to Impact Your Clients & Your Organization
  • Awaken Creativity with a refreshing perspective on how to re-energize your business or organization
  • Present a cutting-edge approach to massively increase engagement

Unlocking the Code of Leadership Presence – Mastering the 4 Crucial Stories – The leader walks into the room and everyone ‘feels’ her presence….and most people say it’s ‘charisma’.  Well, it’s not!  In this session we will finally de-mystify Leadership Presence; from that thing we just feel, to a comprehensive system for learning and understanding the key areas that need to be mastered.

  • The 4 Stories of Leadership Presence – discover how to create and sustain highly engaged & effective leaders
  • Break down the secret to confidence, competence and credibility
  • Transform your role and relationship with your client in order to maximize the potential for growth and profit for the business

The Story Event™

Throughout the entire event we will create a story experience for the attendees (this may include hosting the event). The story will integrate the vision for the event with a strong cultural flavor of the organization and all the separate attending members. The Story Event strives to engage and involve the audience at all times so that they experience the journey of the story as their own journey, and the transformation of the protagonist as their own transformation.

Components of The Story Event™

  • A story told in parts throughout the event – this creates excitement and an atmosphere of expectation while immediately engaging the audience in the conference vision and desired outcomes
  • Participants are invited to tell their stories – they are specifically guided and recorded
  • Member stories are told in between telling the parts of the event story. This provides the information that the protatgonist ‘needs’ in order to continue her journey – so the audience plays an integral part in the telling of the story
  • The story completes with the main theme and concern of the conference expressed creatively and as part of the individual discovery & transformation.

The Story Event™ was pioneered at the International Coach Federation Global Conference held in Malmo, Sweden (2014). 500 participants of the ICF conference experienced The Story Event™ as a key element of the overall program. The impact was a major contribution to the success of the conference. The Story Event™ was then customized as told as part of an entrepreneurial retreat held in San Francisco in 2014, at the ‘Conscious Business Playground’. In 2016, The Story Event™ will be customized for several leading organizations and other conferences.