Story Coaching

Create Outstanding Results for Your Business

Access Your Authentic, Inspired Self while Learning to Creatively Articulate Who You Are and What You Do

Dare to Tell Your Story so that You Can Connect Deeply, Contribute Widely and Inspire Those You Are Called To Support

Align your actions with your true needs, desires and goals. Using transformational learning techniques & tools, you will reach Mastery in marketing your business, it’s EASY, it’s FUN, it’s REAL.

If you are a talented and creative business owner or entrepreneur, the chances are you’re struggling to attract enough ideal clients and build your business. You may think you’re really bad at marketing and hate to have to sell yourself and your services.  Being good at what you do is NOT enough, you need to be able to talk about it in a compelling way.

You can learn the step by step process to create your success story, the first step in making a big, positive change in business today.

Every successful person and every successful business has an amazing story, we always remember the story. You too have a story that is the key to attracting clients, making money in your business and creating the kind of lifestyle you really want.  I know the power of your story and I’m completely committed to helping you find your powerful story so that you can get the results that I know you deserve.

When you find your story

  • Your business will be more profitable
  • You will attract more of your ideal clients
  • You will know that you are giving phenomenal value to your clients
  • You will feel confident and secure as you create your success
  • With more free time you will create the lifestyle of that you’ve always wanted

This is not based on theory or a quick fix but something much deeper, more compelling and far more magnetic.  It’s your unique, compelling story. It’s as simple and powerful as this…

  • Have you ever struggled with explain what you do to a potential client?  You can find your story, the one that makes people listen, be easily influenced and convinced to work with you!
  • Have you ever missed your big chance to make an impression with a new client? You can discover your authentic story that describes your core strengths, the story that will differentiate you in your niche market.
  • Do you know what your story is? The main theme of you that will make all the difference in getting what you want.

Everything depends on your story – your business plan and all of your activities – if your story is not clear to you and to your clients, your business will not thrive.  This is not just about writing marketing copy, or developing a brand – this is about understanding at the most basic level, what you are here to do.  It is about being crystal clear and completely focused about what only you can offer your clients.  How you can add value way beyond your clients’ wildest expectations; this is about your confidence to go out there and create the success you have always dreamed of.

If you want to make a profound difference to the success of your business, one of these programs is for you!

Private Coaching Program
A powerful coaching program designed specially for you, so you can really ramp up your business and become a Transformational Story Leader, no matter what your title is, no matter what you do. Create the influence and impact you need to make a real difference.

VIP Story Event
Intensive individual session to simply get your story done, so you can attract amazing clients and get a burst of new energy and income into your business.

Become A Story Coach
Whether you are a new or experienced coach,  you too can become a compelling leader in your niche market, attract clients and create great financial success in your coaching business. These program are an Exciting new Opportunity for Making Huge Impact and Changing the Lives of Real People!

The International Coach Federation (ICF) has awarded Story Coach continuing coaching education approval for Core Competency Credits –

  • Individual participation in group programs
  • ICF Chapter webinars and teleclasses
  • Coach Training for companies and groups

The CCEU can be used towards ICF certification. For more information about the Certified Story Coach™ Program, contact us