Learn my simple, step by step method for attracting high-value clients, winning business & having massive impact

You can feel confident, get your voice heard & build your business with immediate increase in clients and income

You’ve probably heard how telling your story can be a powerful way to speak with confidence, credibility and attract clients to your business.  But you might not know exactly what your story is, or how to tell it to get these amazing results.

You know, since I’ve started using story, I have created amazing opportunities to speak and work with clients all over the world and increased my business EVERY YEAR (sometimes doubling and tripling my results).

gracemenzelLisa Bloom's process for using story as a marketing tool is brilliant! In her program , she masterfully guided us to claim a core truth that is essential to how we serve in the world. In a warm, engaging and inspiring space, Lisa touches your soul. This work transformed the way I think and talk about my business. Invaluable.
- Grace Menzel, PCC, CPCC

Using powerful storytelling is the reason that so many of my clients are taking the stress out of their marketing to make it much more fun, authentic and easy to add clients and cash to their business - sometimes within a matter of hours of our sessions.

I want you to get excited, inspired and ready to make 2017 THE BEST YEAR EVER.

face head3"If you have the opportunity to work with Lisa, I would encourage you wholeheartedly.  I was at a crossroads when I approached Lisa and had at the time had a direction in mind of the new work I was undertaking, but it felt like something was missing.  With Lisa's skill, support and deep allowing, pivotal moments in my life were transformed into clear road-signs directing me to a final destination was far more rewarding than I had conceived of on my own.  Working with Lisa allowed me to more clearly see my story as my credentials and recognize the common threads.  It provided the foundation for me to move forward from a place of deep authenticity so I may in turn support the transformation of others.  With Lisa my story deepened into a life purpose and widened into a clear direction forward."
- Asha Croggan

I’m super-excited to invite you to your


Are you:

  • Needing to get more clients and generate cash right now and don't have time or resources to invest in complicated programs and process that may or may not pay off?
  • Trying to get clients to sign on for coaching or consulting, but are having trouble getting them to see the value of how you can help them?
  • Speaking and networking but haven't managed to move people from interested in you to investing in your services?
  • Exhausted, frustrated or disappointed that your business hasn’t grown the way you had hoped and you just don’t know what to do next?
  • Looking for a way to be creative, inspired and excited by your business again?

Truthfully, it can be a long road and a hard journey to get the clients and business you want. It can take years to get the right offer, program or service that will attract the kind of clients you want to work with - believe me, I've done the time! But here's the thing, you don't have to.

Investing in the VIP Story Event is a total game-changer, you'll get it right straight away. You can benefit from my years of working with thousands of clients & speaking in 15 countries in the last 5 years - we'll hone in on your powerful advantage - the idea, the language and the strategy to move forward, win business, get clients and increase your revenues NOW.

You see, you’ll get focused, clear and empowered by your amazing story.  How do I know you have an amazing story?  I know.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t.  And my special gift in the world is the ability to help you find it, tell it and change your business and your life with it.

I’ve done it for dozens of people all around the world and I invite you to discover this for yourself.

Here’s what you can expect from your VIP Story Event:

  • Understand the power of your story & why your story is the missing link for your business success
  • Discovery the key elements and themes of your powerful story that will magnetize your ideal client & the Craft Your Story, yes, get it done!
  • Create a powerful strategy for your storied business including plans for networking, speaking, writing, website and lots more! (this Strategy piece by itself is worth triple the investment of this event)
  • Work on specific outcomes - your about page, your social networking profiles, your website - whatever you need done now, we'll get it done

Here's what you'll get:

  • An individual LIVE Virtual Event designed specially for YOU – we’ll meet by Zoom for over 3 hours (with breaks!) and get your work done!
  • Pre-event Assessment, Worksheets, CheatSheets, Templates – everything you need to get the most out of our time together and have huge impact on the success of your business
  • Recording of all sessions – so you can continue to build your business, reviewing all the gems and insights you got during our time together
  • Post-event report follow up – summarizing all we covered so you can dip in again and again to revitalize and reenergize all you do
  • Written Strategic Plan personalized for you – You’ll know what are the next steps, how to move forward and keep the magic working for you!
  • Website Review – practical feedback on what’s working and what’s working less well on your site
  • Additional 1-month later check in (this 45-minute session is worth $300 alone) – you’re not alone, we’ll see how you’re progression and you’ll get more plans and implementation ideas one month out.

Thank you so much Lisa.Tone Dalhaug

I just need to tell you that the knowledge you gave me about using story for your business has been very successful. I am a journalist of background, author, and love to inspire people. But something was missing in my message. Your input Lisa helped me get back on track in my blogging, and to find my calling. And it gave me a kickstart on having customers for coaching.
Within 48 hours I had customers buying 12 coaching sessions. I discovered through my story that I haven’t been true to who I am. Now I feel more confident and have CLIENTS!

- Tone Dalhaug

Are you ready for your VIP Story Event - are you ready to get these critical pieces of work done, once and for all, so you can attract amazing clients and get a burst of new energy and income into your business?  

Are you ready to make the very best of this year, so you can look back with satisfaction and joy with what you've achieved?

Here’s the thing, even if this event gets you just 1 or 2 new clients (& it could be much, much more) you’ll easily make back (or double!) your investment.

There is one thing you need to know.  We have very limited space for this program, so you need to decide if this is for you NOW.

I can accept only 5 people.

Are you one of the 5?  Now’s the time to take a stand for your business success, for your voice, your message and your great work in the world.

Don’t miss your chance, don’t miss your VIP Story Event!

Go for it!

I'm going all out to make this super easy for you - I'm offering a 25% discount to the 5 of you who are ready to take action NOW (this session usually costs $1997 but today you get $500 off - don't miss it!)

There are 2 easy payment options;

Pay in Full (Best Deal) at just $1497
4 Easy Monthly Payments of $390

 daviamassey“… I gained insights and a depth of understanding that I had never imagined possible through story. It proved to be a revitalizing, refreshing and healing experience…..resulted in renewed perceptions of my story which were truly transformative. I have learned that my personal stories have an influence on every part of life. My inner freedom has greatly expanded with the regenerating power of story
- Dr. Davia Massey 
  simonecraig“Working with you was profound. I no longer feel stuck or nervous when it's time to talk about what I do and why. So you delivered that, and gave me so much more.Now that I see the themes of the major events in my life I feel more confident, connected to myself and connected to purpose. Also, you really helped me to see that the turning points in my life, where the foundation for my offerings. Brilliant! Now creating programs doesn't feel like such a huge mountain to climb.
- Simone Craig, PeaceDiva, NJ

Can't wait to see you at your VIP Story Event!

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