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caught off guard

It’s been a rough week Personally speaking , I’m not talking about anything that may be going on in the world. The doctor’s don’t prepare you for the full extent of a procedure, if it’s successful then that’s all they care about – and it was. But it hurt. Like hell at first. Nothing serious […]


Off the grid

I’m just finishing up the last few things. Alternating between the final items for packing, the final emails and reviewing the last few tasks I wanted to do before the big day. I’m going away. And I’m going to be off the grid. I mean little or no wifi for most of the 9 days […]


Crazy busy

I remember that night when I met Ralph for a drink after work. Well, it was after work for me. He told me that he would be returning to the office to finish up a few things, this job was super intense, he said. He described what it had been like over those last few […]