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immediate gratification or motivation? help!

We’re driving home, my son and I, talking about addiction to screens and social media and also about productivity and motivation. He’s speaking my language. “I’ve been studying and dealing with motivation my entire career, as a Coach, facilitator and trainer”, I told him, “and I still haven’t figured it out”. I mean, what makes […]


caught off guard

It’s been a rough week Personally speaking , I’m not talking about anything that may be going on in the world. The doctor’s don’t prepare you for the full extent of a procedure, if it’s successful then that’s all they care about – and it was. But it hurt. Like hell at first. Nothing serious […]


Off the grid

I’m just finishing up the last few things. Alternating between the final items for packing, the final emails and reviewing the last few tasks I wanted to do before the big day. I’m going away. And I’m going to be off the grid. I mean little or no wifi for most of the 9 days […]