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Off the grid

I’m just finishing up the last few things. Alternating between the final items for packing, the final emails and reviewing the last few tasks I wanted to do before the big day. I’m going away. And I’m going to be off the grid. I mean little or no wifi for most of the 9 days […]


Crazy busy

I remember that night when I met Ralph for a drink after work. Well, it was after work for me. He told me that he would be returning to the office to finish up a few things, this job was super intense, he said. He described what it had been like over those last few […]


Committed? To Whom?

What do you imagine when you think of the word commitment? Is it the person you’ve chosen to spend your life with? Or those you’ve decided not to? Is it the trainer in the gym who has you work to a fierce program to get you fit and healthy? Is it the kids that you […]