10 Terrific Tips To Ease Summer Stress

(for Mom Entrepreneurs!)

I woke up at my usual time, around 6am, with the
feeling that the night had been too short and I
had forgotten something important. Something had
changed and I needed to get ready quick. It took
me a few minutes to remember…ah yes, school is
finished, summer camps start today.
So summer really is here!

I was suddenly brought back to that feeling I used
to get at the start of the semester in University.
The first day back, my bag was full of huge text
books and I went from class to class and was given
the reading lists and assignments. I would return
home with a feeling of dread and hopelessness. It
was simply impossible to fit in all that material
and all those requirements in the short space of
one semester.

Then over the next few days and weeks, the fear
and dread would melt away as I got stuck into the
work. I would take it day by day and not only
found it interesting and challenging but also
fulfilling. Low and behold, by mid-semester, all
was under control and I was meeting my

The thought of 8 long weeks of summers holidays
for the kids and the job of the entrepreneur
which, by its very nature, needs constant daily
attention and has moving goal-posts, always seems
overwhelming at the start of the summer.

This year, I began to think about the things I
could do to take it all in my stride and not be
overwhelmed. It came out to a list of 10 Terrific
Tips to Ease Summer Stress (for Mom

1. Breathe Deeply – Always a great way to start to
de-stress and think of positive actionable plans!
2. Think back to when you were a kid – remember
how you felt on that first day of summer vacation.
3. Allow yourself to feel the freedom of summer ?
decide how much you want and need to work.
4. Create a Calendar for the Summer – seeing it
mapped out really helps!
5. Schedule Summer Activities that you can sign
the kids up for
6. Schedule down time, home time for the kids too!
– remember they’re on vacation!
7. And don’t forget time for yourself?just because
the kids are home more doesn’t mean you can’t fit
in time to work out, see friends, or just read a
good book.
8. Get out into Nature, take the kids on a hike,
cycle or run,just get them out, away from TV
screens, Facebook, computer games and mobile
phones – and that includes you too!
9. Repeat no. 8 on a weekly basis! And include a
picnic every now and again!
10. Accept that it’s summertime and that means
that you will probably work less but not
necessarily achieve less. Let it go, relax, enjoy
the opportunity to spend more time with your
family and find this new balance. The quicker you
accept the shift to summertime, the more you’ll
enjoy it!

As I write this the sun is shining and I can see
the kids in the garden, one swinging, one with a
ball, another talking on a phone and the baby (not
such a baby anymore!) jumping on the trampoline
– it’s time to pack up work for today and get out!

Have a wonderful summer!

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