10 Ways Your Story Is Business Dynamite

It’s often overlooked.

Definitely under-rated.

(Unquestionably the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make…..)

Your story, is the single most important influencer in your business – it’s the key to your confidence, your ability to attract clients and to make money from your passion.

Let me tell you just 10 way your story is business dynamite!

1. You understand what you need to do – when you discover your story, it shows you the path that got you to where you are right now…and it becomes really clear what you need to do next!

2. You find your talents and gifts – your story helps you understand exactly what it is that you do best and where you have found success.

3. You discover your niche – your story is the key to finding out who you are passionate about serving, and who will resonate with you and what you offer

4. You discover your ideal client – you story helps you see who it is that you LOVE working with and who loves working with you

5. You feel comfortable talking about you – your story takes the stress out of having to explain to people what you do so that they actually get it!

6. You discover your compelling message – when you figure out your story, you know what is that one compelling message that gets you and everyone else SUPER motivated

7. You attract ideal clients – you can stop chasing clients, they’ll find you and they will be willing to pay you for what you do!

8. You build your business your way – finding your story and using it to build your business means that that you will show up with authentic presence.  It’s your authentic style, approach and personality that will win hearts and make perfect business sense.

9. You’ll have more time – as you begin to realize even more success, you will be able to spend more time doing the things that you love in your business and in your life.

10. You’ll make more money – your story is the key to de-stressing your marketing so that you can attract high-paying clients with ease


Leave a comment below, share how YOUR story has made a difference!

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3 comments on “10 Ways Your Story Is Business Dynamite

  1. thank you for this list of 10 Ways Our Story or Stories can be Business Dynamite.

    After 57 years of working
    After 41 years of working as a speaker, trainer, consultant

    I have exploring the idea of CREATING MY STORY again….

    new one or
    revised one or
    one told in a new way

  2. just responded to each of your 10 Ways
    with my own responses relevant to my
    57 years of working and especially
    the past 2 years.

    Storytelling became a fascination of my in the early 80s
    partially because of Tom Peters and then attending
    SOS – Southern Order of Storytelling events,
    NAPPS – National Association for the Preservation & Perpetuation of Storytelling
    (now called NSN – National Storytelling Network

    Over the past 41 years I have integrated the creation, presentation and teaching of storytelling into workshops at many creative thinking conferences around the globe as a SKILL SET,
    whereas you has used it as your primary FOCUS.

    Thanks for sharing.

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