5 Simple Steps to Creating 6 Months of Content – easy peasy

I wish I could say that this never happens to me. That this is stuff that other people do. But of course, that wouldn’t be true.writing success

You see, years ago my coach told me that I should write a story every week and send it out. That this would be a great way to build a community.  My first reaction was, “a story a week? My life isn’t that interesting!” – she laughed and said “don’t worry, you can do it.”

In that moment I made a commitment to myself that I would send out a story every week (on a Tuesday) with a story that I’ve written. And it’s true, it has really helped me to build up my community.

Here’s the thing though, sometimes I just feel like I have nothing to write and it’s excruciating.

And here’s what it’s like.

I realize that I’ve lost track of the days and I’m due to write my e-zine, actually I was due to write it the day before. And I’m totally blank.

I leave the house and the distractions behind, of course after I’ve tidied the kitchen, hung out the washing, sorted out my closet and dusted my books – anything to avoid sitting down and actually writing the damn story.

I arrive at the coffee shop and that’s it, no more escaping, I have to write.

Somehow, I always find something. And the story gets written.

Here’s the thing though. There’s a much better and much easier way to do this and that’s what I want to share with you today.

Ideas that get you in the creative and productive zone MUCH easier.

Stuff you can do that take away the pain of thinking you can’t find what to say.

Practical steps to take that will get the ideas flowing and the process moving.

5 Steps actually, here we go.

1. Commit

Make a commitment to how often you are going to produce this content and how you will send it out into the world – a blog, podcast, ezine – you choose, just make sure it’s a realistic plan and you can keep up the pace. Better to start slow and ramp up than make a wild promise that you can’t meet.

2. Plan 

Sit yourself down, preferable when you don’t have a deadline and block out time to write – same time every week (or whatever time interval that aligns with your commitment). Remember you can write two or three pieces in one sitting, sometimes that’s even easier and then you’re really moving.

3. Brainstorm

Take a clean piece of paper or new document on your computer – write, freestyle all the elements of your topic that interest you – keep writing for at least 5 minutes without stopping. Write in bullet form and fill up the page.

4. Sort 

Condense your brainstorming topic into subjects that you can write about. Align them with dates so that you plan at least 6 months in advance.  This way you have 6 months of content ideas ready to go.

5. Story

For each topic, think of an experience you have had directly, or through others (family, friends, clients). These stories should illustrate a teaching point about each topic. Write the story idea down beside the topic title. When you go to write the piece, it’ll be super easy.

Voila! You are done. 6 months of writing/podcasting/blogging/ezine topics done and dusted. Well done!

So now you’ve read this through, go ahead and do it. And tell me how it goes.  You can share you’re experience below,

and I’m off to complete my 6 month plan!

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