5 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs – Green Smoothies, M&Ms and the Challenge of Being Real!

I’ve been pondering the secrets of successful business and why some entrepreneurs are wildly successful while others are just plodding away and ‘getting by’.

As my day unfolded and I observed some of my very own crazy behavior, I realized that it was a very cool mirror for this very question. The answer has to do with being ‘real’, being authentic; successful people and successful businesses tell real stories well.  It’s as simple as that.  And the day showed proved it to me.

This is pretty much how my day went.

I took a cup of fresh spinach, a banana and a pear, a full glass of water and made my first ever green smoothie. It looked gorgeous; deep color, smooth texture and a gorgeous flow into the glass.

It tasted like grass and earth. Ugh!  I poured half of it away and added more fruit.  Then, I have to admit, it tasted pretty good. 

I went back to work feeling healthy and extraordinarily self-satisfied!

A few hours later, while icing a cake, I dug into the chocolate icing and a handful or three of M&Ms.

A yummy, healthy salad for lunch was followed a few hours later by a huge chunk of break with a very generous helping of butter…oh and some honey too.

In the midst of all this, I posted to an amazing group of like-minded and like-souled entrepreneurs (in Facebook) – HELP – any cool tips to get back on track, I’m out of control! And the response? Well, wait a minute, I’ll tell you about that soon!!!

So what do you think?

Is this the record of a crazed, addicted and guilt-ridden sugar fiend?

Or a maddening, unbelievable weakness of a health freak?

Or perhaps it’s just that strange and rarely found animal called ‘real’.

Yes, it’s real for me to love healthy food, but also have days of craving sugar and salt and all things unhealthy.

The response I got from my Facebook posting was to be inundated with comments and suggestions, tips and ideas; brilliant, supportive and seriously helpful.

Here’s what I learned from all this that I believe is critical to your business success!

  1. ‘Real’ is okay to admit; actually it’s more than okay, it’s super important
  2. People connect to ‘real’ and usually respond with compassion and support.  This is how community and tribes are created.
  3. It’s important to take people up on their offers of support (asking and receiving help are advanced business skills, seriously!)
  4. Life and business are full of paradox and imperfection – accept it, no celebrate it!
  5. Being ‘real’ (a.k.a. authenticity) is the new language of successful business; practice your realness by telling your stories. 

What real story can you tell today?

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