7 Lies We Tell that Feed Fear and Prevent Profit

Just as winter came in, our dog died. It was devastating.


She was my first dog, the sweet soul I’d longed for as a child and we had become firm friends. She had been there during some rough times and I had come to love our precious time together.

Our morning walks had become my morning prayer – a time for reflection, meditation, beautiful scenery and just 20 sacred moments of tranquility at the start of my day.

I vowed after she died, that I would continue these walks. Never miss a day.

What do you think happened? Well, it took me 8 months to get back to my morning prayer/walk; 8 months before we got a new dog and I returned to my blessed routine.

And I ask myself, what the hell took me so long? Why did I forget my vow? Why did I abandon the practice that meant so much to me? Why did I forget my needs? 

Does this resonate for you too?

Is there something that you know you need in your life that you just don’t do?

Do you realize that not only is this starving your soul, you’re also feeding your fear and preventing profit in your business?

Yes, it’s that important.

And it’s all about the lies we tell ourselves.

Here are the biggest ones!

1. I don’t have enough time –

This is the classic excuse; no time for exercise, no time for a coffee with a friend, no time to listen to that inspiring lecture or beautiful piece of music.

Come on, you know that if (dare I say it…) your child got sick tomorrow you’d have all the time in the world to nurse them back to health.

You see, we free up time for what we prioritize, we just have to start prioritizing the stuff that makes a difference to us.

2. I’ll do it tomorrow

Yep, another classic! It’s procrastination which basically means not doing it at all.

Every time you say to yourself or others,” I’ll do it tomorrow”, you’re basically saying, “I’ll never do it.”

The great Tony Robbins once said (not a direct quote) ‘never leave the scene of a decision, without taking an action that affirms the decision’.

Wise words! If you’ve decided to do something, start NOW. At least make the initial effort, that way you really will get to complete it.

3. I’m committed to this


So here’s a challenge. Right now, sit down and write a list of all the things you are committed to. Write it in detail; job, business, family, relationships, communities, school, exercise, healthy eating…yes, everything.

Once you have the list written, take a good luck at it (usually these lists are really long!!) Then ask yourself a simple question, are you REALLY committed to all these things? Are your actions completely in line with your commitments? If not, edit the list and focus on what you are truly committed to.

Start telling yourself the truth about your commitments.

4. It doesn’t really matter

If I had a dollar for the amount of times I’ve heard myself and others say…well, it doesn’t really matter, when deep down I know that it matters a hell of a lot.

Don’t give up so easy.

Don’t compromise on what you really believe in and what you really want.

Next time you hear yourself saying, well, it doesn’t really matter, stop what you’re doing. Think about it. Does it matter? I suspect you’ll be surprised.

Stay true to you. Don’t compromise.

5. There’ll be time later

How do you know that? Life is surprising; things happen that we don’t anticipate.

Just when everything seems to be going smoothly life sends us a curve ball. I’m not being over dramatic here, but think about it, how often have you realized that you should have done it when you had the chance, because now everything has changed?

If you get the chance, just do it!

6. It’ll Just Take a Minute

That other thing, (the one that you don’t really want to do but feel you have to) it NEVER takes just a minute.

It’ll eat you alive, and take your whole day or at least the part that you need to do whatever it is that you WANT to do.

Prioritize your time for the stuff that’s important and aligned with your goals.

Do whatever it is that feeds you passion, your heart and your business. Don’t steal away your time with ‘it’ll just take a minute’.

7. What Difference Does it Make

The only difference it needs to make is to YOU.

When you’re on track and on purpose, you’ll make the difference to the world that you’re here to make, first you have to make a difference for yourself.

If it’s important to you, then the rest will take care of itself. Be true to YOU.


Listen, this is real human stuff. I mean, we all fall for it, a lot of the time. First step is awareness right? Then action.

So, read the list again, make some notes, take some action.

Right now I have my new dog (a total sweetheart by the way!) to remind me to take my morning walk/prayer. So I’m good on that one. But I need this reminder as much as you do. Every moment of every day; stay true to you. Okay?

What’s keeping you on track? Which of these lies are you telling? Share your story below.

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