a bad, bad day

guardian angelThey were double and triple parked in some parts of town. Crazy busy. The day before a big day in the country, elections, lots of opinions, everyone distracted and there was an almost palpable underlying tension in the air.

I pulled into a parking area. A car came towards me, one on each side and in my rear view mirror, another closed in.

Then the guy parked on the left started reversing. He didn’t look in his mirror, just kept moving back.

I sounded the car horn. He kept reversing until he hit my car. That sickening crunch.

We both jumped out of our cars. And he started yelling at me.

“You reverse into me and now you’re yelling at me? Just give me your details”.

After we exchanged numbers, I called my partner. He was busy, distracted too.  I’m having a really crappy day, I said and hung up.

I said at the edge of the road by a low wall. I was trembling inside. Trying to figure out, should I call him back. Should I call the insurance company, should I just go home and pull the covers over my head.

Then I heard a voice. An old friend was passing by. I hadn’t seen him for ages, and he said. How are you, I’m so happy to see you, I want a hug. He held me tight and told me he’d been traveling, he’d been sick. That his doctor said he shouldn’t cycle anymore at his age, but he refuses to give it up. He asked about my day. I told him it had been a bit challenging so far.

We continued catching up for a while. Then he wished me well and walking away with his stick, he said, I’m thinking of your beautiful, wonderful day unfolding.

I smiled. Laughed. We always get what we need. So often we don’t even notice, or bother to be thankful.

It started as a bad, bad day and then an angel appeared.

Not such a bad day after all.

When was the last time you noticed an angel? Share your story here.

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