a black cat and a witch – for more clients?

Are you using stories in your business? 

Do you realize how incredibly powerfully your
stories will attract new business and make
profound connections with people?

Often they say to me, “Well it’s easy for you,
you’re a storyteller! I have no stories.”
Well, I don’t believe it!

We are all storytellers.  And we are surrounded by
stories, you just need to notice.  Once you start
paying attention to those magic moments, you will
hear stories everywhere and see how you are
telling them all the time too!

So, where do they come from?
There are lots of sources, but I want to suggest
to you one that you may not have thought of

We have these moments in our lives, moments where
there is a suggestion of magic, or a possibility
that you may not have thought of. 

These are the precious story moments. 

They may be from childhood, but as you start to
notice you’ll see they have happened as an adult

These story moments may come from a comment or
coincidence, a gesture or a joke.  It’s when you
realize that something ‘other’ has just happened.
It suggests a different reality, an alternative
perspective.  It’s the moment that creates a great

Let me tell you a few of my precious Story

Last night a black cat crossed my path again.  It
was the third time in as many days.
Looks like I’ve got some good luck coming my way.
rowing up in Ireland, this was simply fact!
It wasn’t a story that I remember anyone telling
me, it was just a kind of knowing, it’s good luck
if a black cat crosses your path. 

She was up ahead as I walked our puppy, who was
unusually quiet and not at all bothered by the cat
close by.  They seemed to acknowledge each other,
perhaps nodded hello, and then the cat dashed
across the road as if to give us a gift of great

Once would be a nice coincidence.  Three times in
as many days is certainly a type of magic, a story

When I was just 6 years old, my mother took me to
a witch.  Yes, that’s what she said.

“Lisa, today we are going to see a witch.  We need
some help.”

You see I had a wart on my hand that had been
there for ages.  Nothing got rid of it.  All the
ointments and creams didn’t do a thing.

So my mother took me to a witch.   I was a little
nervous, I hadn’t met a witch before.  I supposed
she was a good witch if she was going to get rid
of the wart.

She spoke to me privately and in a low voice, but
she looked me straight in my eyes and told me what
I needed to do and made me promise that I would
never tell anyone.

If I told, the wart would come back.

Within a week, it was gone.

35 years later, I still haven’t told anyone.

Nobody told me a story, but this is a precious
story moment.

So you see, the stories are in you.  They’ve
happened all around you, they are part of you.

So, sit down one day and think about your precious
story moments.  You’ve had them, now you need to
start telling them.

And as you start telling your stories, you’ll see
how much more compelling you sound, you’ll notice
that clients will be attracted to you, you’ll be

Have you got a precious story moment that you’d
like to share?
Please go ahead and comment, tell us your story.

Best wishes and best stories


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