A Cure for Stage Fright?

In the moments before, you could hear a pin drop.

My heartbeat was thunderous in my ears; I could
have sworn everyone could hear it.

My knees actually felt weak and my stomach was

The little voice in my head and the devil on my
shoulder were laughing really hard…at me.

They were saying that I was going to stutter,
forget my words, sound really stupid and trip

They were telling me that everyone was so smart in
that room that nothing I could say would be of

They were asking me, who do you think you are

Sound familiar?

Have you felt like this?

It could be just before you wanted to say
something to a group of friends…or before you get
on stage to address a thousand people. 

Stage-fright is one of the most common fears out
there.  I think next to death, we fear speaking in
public more than anything else.

So what can you do?

Here’s a suggestion you may not have heard of

Tell a Story.

You might be saying, whadya’ mean tell a story?
Who wants to hear a story?

Well, the funny thing is, everyone loves to hear

And when you have a great story to tell (and you
know how to tell it!) then it’s a brilliant way to
break down your fears and your nervousness about
opening your mouth in the first place!

And you don’t have to be an actor.

You don’t have to be a professional Storyteller.

You just have to be human.  You see, we are all
Storytellers and we are constantly telling our
stories but most of the time we don’t even notice.

Once you start paying attention to your own
stories and to the stories that are being told all
around you, you’ll be amazed!

You can simply choose a story that caught your
attention; a story that means something to you and
tell it. 

You’ll be astounded how it lands for your
audience, whether it’s one person or a hundred.

When you tell a story, you will instantly create
interest and engagement. 

It gives you time to catch your breath and then
deliver the information you are there to deliver.

The story is the perfect answer to those nerves,
to that anxiety before you speak.

And the little voice, the pesky devil – they hate
stories! Once you tell a good story, they can’t
whisper their poisonous words anymore.  You feel
confident and secure, you know your worth and you
can say and do anything!

Isn’t it worth it to tell a story?

What helps you get rid of those pre-speaking
Share it below.

Best wishes and best stories


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4 comments on “A Cure for Stage Fright?

  1. This article was perfectly timed, Lisa! I am speaking to a group this evening and plan to tell two stories, and you are so right about how much easier it is to stand up in front of a group with stories rather than just giving information. Your words pumped me up for the event, thank you!

    • Great…I’m so happy this got you on time! Hope your talk went really well. Best wishes, Lisa

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