A Delicious Meal – the Key to Your Success!

I love eating out!

There’s nothing like the thrill of entering the
calm, sophisticated ambiance of a good restaurant,
sitting down opposite someone you love and
perusing an interesting and enticing menu. Of
course, I don’t seem to do this very often and
that could be part of the thrill for me!

I usually look at the deserts before I even start.
Is there anything worth targeting my whole meal
towards? If it’s the promise of a wonderful
desert, I might take the salad instead of the
pasta, so it’s worth checking it out first!
Perhaps there are two kinds of people in the
world; those that would sell their soul for a good
desert, and those that are attracted by the main
course! Sir Ken Robinson, in his latest TED
lecture suggests that there are two types of
people in the world; those that believe that there
are two types of people in the world and those
that do not!

As a mother of 4 usually hungry boys, part of the
thrill of eating out is definitely about not
having to prepare anything and not having to clear

A few years ago we went out for a meal with the
whole family. The restaurant had a reputation of
being good for children; this meant that it had a
kid’s menu so you don’t have to pay extortionate
prices for the food that more than likely they are
not going to eat! We walked in, were seated and
presented with a menu that had 54 items on it.
They pretty much served everything you can imagine
in that place! We all ordered different things;
soup & sandwich, chicken and chips, pasta, pizza
and I had one of the 7 salads (yes, there was
ice-cream on the desert menu, a favorite!). And
when the food arrived, it was VERY mediocre. This
restaurant tried to appeal to far too many tastes,
and the result was that nothing was particularly

In the main street of our town, there is a tiny
little shop that sells falafel. He serves this
delicious Mediteranean delicacy in pita bread with
salads and a tehina sauce. That’s it, there is
nothing else! You have no choice – and it is the
most delicious meal you can possibly imagine!

It’s wonderful that for so many people, we live in
a world that provides us with immense choice. We
are able to experience enormous variety in
practically everything we do and often everything
we buy. Sometimes, however, choice can be
confusing, overwhelming and counter-productive.
Sometimes, choice can lead to low quality or a
watered-down version of what we really want.

Are you offering too much choice in your business
or in your life?

Are you watering down what you offer or what you
can really achieve?

Focusing on the one thing that you do best, is the
best way to succeed! It’s hard to do, it’s
difficult to give up on the variety of experiences
or skills that we have used in the past and become
used to having in our lives now. But if you hone
in on the thing that makes you really shine, your
client’s will magically appear, your business will
take off, your skills will be sought out.

You don’t have to have 54 items on your menu, just
make it one good quality, high standard and
delicious offering! It will make all the

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