A dream or a nightmare?

This time last year that I began to feel the urgency.

It was hard to describe and even harder to explain.

It started in one area first. A sense that time was running out and I needed to do this thing now.

It started with The Work – not my work, at least not directly, but The Work. You see, I have been following ‘The Work of Byron Katie’ for over a decade and had wanted to attend ‘The School for the Work’ for at least the last 6 years. But this time last year, it felt urgent.

So I started looking into it and my usual thoughts that it’s too far, too long and too expensive didn’t quieten the interest like it had in the past. I kept thinking about it and wishing for it and finally I took it seriously. I had to find away to get past my own very credible and real objections.

And the universe seemed to contrive to make it happen, including the miraculous moment of finding the exact amount of money I needed to make the final commitment. And yes, I mean literally finding the money (it was in a drawer, a serious amount of cash that I had completely forgotten about – and no, that does not happen to me often!!!).

So, I went and it was all that I had hoped for- truly life changing.
You see, aside from the desire to experience the total emersion of The Work, which in itself is astounding – I also had the feeling that life may deliver some less expected or desired situations and events in the next few years – I need to be prepared.

I’m not being fatalistic – just a little realistic. In truth, life always delivers challenges along with the good stuff – I guess I just felt I needed to be prepared.

Within weeks of returning from the School, it began. I was on a high at first, feeling the benefits of meditation, time away to reflect and do The Work, and the absolute knowing that all is well. Things started to go astray; kids unhinged at school, family members facing big challenges and 2 major projects I had planned for in my business that fell through.

I won’t say it was easy, or resolved quickly – but we were all okay, just fine actually. I began to see a flow and clarity that had previously escaped me. Despite the challenges I had this absolute knowledge that all is well, that the universe is kind.

The next time it struck was during the summer – I had more business challenges and found that I was struggling to see a clear direction. That was the moment that I opened up to some mentoring that was gifted to me and it was the very best thing I could have done. By becoming the learner again, taking advice, guidance and hearing new ideas, I became aware of what I needed to do to move forward.

That’s when I hired my mentor – it was a significant investment and required a huge leap of faith. It took me some time to decide, the previous few months stood me well and I went ahead. It worked like a charm.

So as I began to contemplate the end of the year and the new year ahead, I knew it was time to step into my big-girl boots and make some serious decisions. I decided to continue to work with my mentor into 2017.

I know what I’m ready for now. I’m not afraid, except when I’m terrified. But that’s okay, it really is fine! 2016 has been all about investing – in my business, my future and the well-begin of those I support – family, friends & clients. I have big plans. But I’m also super excited about moving forward into a year where I’m playing all out.

I guess I’ve finally learned it, in my bones. You see I’ve known it in my head for years. But now it’s in my bones.

That if I want to support my family, my friends and my clients….

If I want to be of value to others…

If I want to contribute what I can to make the world a better place…

If I want to live and love and thrive….

I need to take care of myself…

I need to get the support that will bring more love and clarity and hope into my life.

I need to be what I teach…

I need to believe in peace, and live peacefully.

I need to dare to dream & create a story that I adore.

I need to live that story.

What story are you creating for 2017?


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