a fax machine, seriously?

faxmachineIt was a cold Tuesday morning.

My father had left the house early. He arrived back very excited. He called me into the office – “you must see this – it’s a fantastic new technology.”

“What is it?” I asked.

His eyes lit up as he cleared a space on the desk and lifted the monster out of the box.

“It’s a fax machine”, he said.

“What’s that?” I asked, “how does it work?”

Well, that was all the invitation he needed – Dad explained exactly how it works and to be honest, it sounded like magic.

I couldn’t understand how it was possible, and it was soooo exciting.

I often wonder what it would be like for Dad if he were to suddenly show up now, almost 20 years after he left us.

Digital photography, internet, smart phones, cheap air travel, pokemon go.

It’s a different world, literally.

And I know he’d adore it. He’d be fascinated and he’d sit me down, like he used to, and say, “Lis – you understand this stuff better than me, tell me about your world now….”

I realize as I write this, how I take all this stuff for granted.

How easy it is to stay connected, in our business and our lives.

How I send out my stories every week to thousands of people with such ease.

How I have built up this precious community – yes, it’s taken years but it still amazes me that we are all connected this way.

So, today as I remember my dad and I think about the incredible freedom and possibility we have through technology, I’m incredibly grateful.

Grateful for Dad and inheriting his fascination with progress, technology and growth.

Grateful for technology that has enabled me to build my business and travel the world.

And mostly grateful to you, still here, reading these words, part of my world.

Thank you.

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9 comments on “a fax machine, seriously?

  1. Great story and tribute! I also remember my first encounter with a fax machine, it truly was magical.
    Now, I can’t believe I survived high school, college, and a year living in the Big Apple without a mobile phone, Waze, apps, SMS, and basically the entire World Wide Web!

    • amazing how much has changed over the years! thanks for your comment, best wishes, Lisa

  2. Great story Lisa. It takes me back to my pre-computer days and makes me wonder what will be in our future. It is great to be alive during this time in our history. I appreciate you and your work very much.

  3. I remember the first fax machine I saw in the late 60’s. You strapped a single page document to a drum. Using a separate phone, you called the receiving fax machine. Once you had the greeting tone, you placed the handset into a cradle like device called an acoustic coupler. You then pressed a button on your fax machine to start sending the single page. The drum started rotating and you saw a small beam of light touching the document.

  4. Dear Lisa,
    your story reminds me on a special success story that I co created within a team in a young fashion business. It was more than 20 years ago, I worked as a designer without computer technologie at that time, but with business partners all over the world. So a clear and easy to understand communication beyond language barriers was the missing link. And the Fax Machine was the answer.
    I still read your words and I thank you being part of your world too, Lisa.

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