…A War Zone, and You?

She asked me, so what is your inner guidance saying?

I couldn’t answer; it seemed such a strange question as I contemplated the few days that had passed.  I thought I was disconnected from all inner guidance.  But I was proven wrong…

It had been pretty surreal.  The webinar began and I told everyone that in the event that the siren goes off, I would have to hang up, run to get my kids, wake them and bring them to the shelter.

That was my reality that day.

I know some people were shocked. When you get on-line, we tend to forget locations, situations, and circumstances.  That day, I had already hidden once with my kids as missiles fell around us.

As I told her what had happened, the answer to her question became crystal clear.

When the siren went off, I just needed to be calm and clear.  To keep my kids calm and not to panic or cause any panic in them.  I needed to reassure them that they were safe (even though I couldn’t know that for sure); I needed to believe and help them believe that we would be fine.

Later, I told them to be compassionate and real about the other side.  Their reality is even worse than ours, I told them.  Send them peaceful thoughts and love I said.

But this is not a story about politics or the realities of this or any war.

This is the realization that we are not our circumstances.

That every day can be a war zone.

That we can rise above any situation.

I noticed that my inner guidance was clearly in charge that day.

Even though I hadn’t realized.

And our inner guidance is always in the perfect place, guiding us with compassion, patience and the path to be aligned with our truth.

Our business can scream at us through untenable circumstances; debt, fear and true war.  Yet, if you can hear your inner guidance, you will survive (actually more than!).

So how do your access and hear your inner guidance? Here are some simple steps:

  1. Sit still
  2. Tell the story of what happened
  3. Notice how you showed up, how you were present, what became clear in your motivations and actions
  4. Now retell the story of how your inner guidance showed you the way.

You’ll be amazed.

In truth, this is not the story I intended to write but clearly it’s what I needed to say and I believe for any business owner, entrepreneur or world-changer, it’s what you need to know.

Trust your story.  It’s where your inner guidance lives.

And she’s always right!

Sending you much love and energy of peace and calm…

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11 comments on “…A War Zone, and You?

  1. Dear Lisa I loved the way you express the inner guidance I appreciate very much the calm and the perspective that you bring even when you are in a conflict zone,. You are an example for all of us.

  2. Dearest Lisa, Recalling how I felt inside when the Twin Towers fell to terrorism in the US: My first inclination was to knee-jerk into my car and drive to the part of the country where my grown children lived, And as scary as that event of 9/11 was, here I am completely separate from what you experience with your children. Your voice gives reason to the unreasonable. And as you said, perhaps politics don't belong here, but then again, perhaps this is exactly where the sanity of sharing belongs. After all, it really wouldn't be an authentic "story" without the authenticity of life. I only pray to live to see a day without conflict. War has NEVER and WILL NEVER be the answer. Be safe. And thank you for your courageous voice.

  3. Thank you so much Lisa. I shared on Facebook. Yourba great example of compassion! We were there the first night in Jerusalem when the missiles came. Praying for all of you!

  4. Dear Lisa, Thank you for sharing all of this. Overhere in the calm Netherlands we can only imagine (but not experience) how civilians must feel on both sides of the border. Victims of radicalism and power politics. This (hi)story of violence… Luckily there are people like you and Paul Andrew Costello and I'm sure many more who are seeking dialogue, collaboration and co-existence. Admirable efforts.

  5. thank you Lisa Bloom … for writing this … for sharing your story … a powerfull reminder that we are not necessarily changed by what happens to us as much as by the story we tell of it …

    sending much love and light to all ….

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