A Wish for 2013

Happy New Year! How did you celebrate?

As the last few moments of 2012 ticked away, I found myself wondering about the highs and lows of the year. I thought about the things that I am so grateful for and I consciously decided not to plan, make resolutions or project what might be in 2013.

I’ve never really done the New Year’s resolution thing (well, maybe when I was a kid!). So, I don’t suppose I’m going to start now!

I’d never really done the gratitude thing either if I’m totally honest. I reckon I took a lot for granted through the years. Becoming aware and practicing paying attention to the things I’m grateful for is one of the things I’m truly grateful for.

Noticing special moments is another….and of course, daring to tell about those moments, daring to tell the story!

Over the weekend I woke up feeling stiff and uncomfortable. I headed out to the pool in the hope that I would stretch out the aches and pains.

Swimming is a solitary sport for me. I strip off and jump in the water quickly, especially in winter (!), and start swimming lengths. If there is anyone else in the lane with me we usually acknowledge each other with a nod or brief smile but rarely speak. Then it’s back and forth until the required number has been completed or enough time passed or simply boredom forces me out.

I was in the middle of my 10th length when I noticed him standing on the edge of the pool. He had a handsome face and I noticed that he was speaking to the two elderly women in the lane next to mine. I kept swimming but as I rounded back (11th length!) I saw him slip into the water and take one of the women into his arms and held her as she floated.

I stopped at the end of the lane and glanced over. Their similar features told me this man, older than me, was holding his mother.  Her eyes danced and her wrinkled face smiled as she spoke animatedly with words and gestures. He smiled; listening intently as he gently moved her through the water.

It was a moment of intimacy. It was so beautiful to see. It literally took my breath away.

I dived under the water noticing a smile on my face and a prickling sensation in my eyes. I was so surprised. My usual self-absorption and isolation was shattered. I was moved and shaken.

How often do I miss moments of intimacy and beauty because I am self- absorbed?

How often do I assume disconnection when in fact we are always connected?

In that moment I knew beyond any doubt what I wish for myself and for you in 2013.

It is to notice those moments that are the reason we are here; the moments of true connection, intimacy and love.

It is to remember and dare to tell those kinds of stories.

It is to be truly thankful for those people in my life (you included!) that make what I do possible.

Have a wonderful 2013!

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With love


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12 comments on “A Wish for 2013

  1. Wow, Lisa… Wonderful story, beautifully written! Thank you for sharing that moment! I love experiencing those moments – they leave me feeling “powder coated” for hours! Sort of fragile, delicate, moved, yet inspired and profoundly touched. Wishes to you and your family for a memorable, wonderful 2013. Joy

    • thanks Joy, I love you idea of feeling ‘powder coated’ – I suppose it’s that magic story dust!
      best wishes, Lisa

  2. What a beautiful story Lisa. I had tears in the backs of my eyes, that gorgeous welling up as I read the words of it being her son who was holding her. Yes, a poignant moment of intimacy. Like the light coming up through the trees this morning as I meditated in my studio, and t he songs of the familiar birds, whom I couldn't see but felt in my heart. Oh they are here too! Yesterday I started the Gate of Listening (a part of the practice of Loving Inquiry) and am grateful for its reminder, and now yours, this morning as I welcome in 2013 to pay attention to the moments of listening when I too become intimate with the world and lose my self-absorption. May all our hearts be open to the beauty of this moment.

  3. Hi LIsa. Lovely story. I liked the words….moments of true connections, intimacy and love. Such inspiring words. Let's hope every living thing on this earth experience this feeling and lead a peaceful life.

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