An ordinary day!

What stories fill your day?  Do you notice?  Where do they take you?

 Today was just an ordinary day.

 A morning walk

a rush to get out

a coffee’d conversation with a good friend

a sick dog

a disappointed client

a messy kitchen

a new project

a technical glitch

a delighted client

a child’s tantrum

finally, the expected job redundancy

a beautiful piece of music

the passing of a beloved sick child

a hug that needed no words

a perfect cup of tea

a cherished souvenir smashed

the smell of clean after-bath kids

the warmth of a real fire as the storm started


At a certain point, driving from one place to

another, I realized that I am simply blown away by

the stories.


The stories of this ordinary day.


And I guess you’ve had days like this too.

Perhaps every day is like this.

 I’m amazed by how many stories touch us, minute

by minute, hour by hour, every day.

 What DO we do with them?

Well here’s an idea…

Tell them.

Stories give us hope and healing, consolation and celebration.

With pain and joy, the good and the bad; stories give us life.

We just need to tell them!

And you can start right here.  Go ahead and share

one of your stories from today.

Best wishes and best stories



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