Are you going to write that book?

It was early March when I boarded the plan for California, several years ago. And with that long flight ahead of me, I started thinking about what I was trying to create in my business that year.

That was when the thought came to me – I just had to write that damn book, finally just get it done!

So, I set my intention and I stood by it.

And I did it. It amazed me too – by August it was written, by December it was published and made it to the Amazon Bestseller List, no. 2 in it’s category.

Yes, it is possible.

Here’s the thing though, I’ve had many book ideas, many, many plans, about other projects, lots of which never came to fruition.

So I began to wonder, what’s the difference. What makes one project or plan happen, and the other not?

Here are 6 steps that really can make it happen:

Set a clear, measurable intention.
Announce it to the world (yes, everyone knew the book was in process)
Create the work space to make it happen (I set aside chunks of writing time into my schedule and kept to it religiously)
Assign a support team; people to read, edit and coach me through the process (not all paid for by the way, friends and family are good too!)
Reward yourself with every stage completed (no, not spa days and jewelry, I mean just make a good cup of coffee, watch a movie or go eat sushi to celebrate when stuff gets done – just make a big deal of every step forward okay? it works!)

So what’s your intention? What book are you waiting to write? Take the first and second step here, in the comments below, and share – it’s time we all got moving!

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2 comments on “Are you going to write that book?

  1. I’ve started to work on a book a few years ago. I’ve written a lot and then was stuck. (I’ve written a bunch of other things, but that book!) I had a couple of wonderful *ah ha* moments recently that helped me get unstuck and writing that book again. I’m writing a book called “Sisterhood of the Copper Mirrors” about women the feminine Jewish archetypes. There. It’s public!

    Are you working on something new?

    (PS Shameless plug: You can see my first book here:

    • Thanks for sharing Laya and well done for making it public – now you can’t stop the book being written and becoming a wild success! Yes, I’m working on 2 books – my Dare to Tell Story Project is a book waiting to be completed…and a book on Demystifying Leadership Presence….really exciting material that has emerged from my work – exciting times! Thanks for joining the conversation! Love, Lisa

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