Are you stressed?

Do you know about stress?

It might be from the holidays or the kids, the
work load, illness or a difficult relationship, it
might be because of money, or lack of it.

It kind of creeps up on you until you feel that
ache in your stomach and tension in your neck.

Then what do you do?

I have to admit, I’ve been feeling pretty
stressed the last few weeks.  For lots of reasons
but what’s saved me is…well, let me tell you a
little story.

A year ago I fell madly in love.  It was a brand
new passion.

It was kind of surprising, unexpected, almost
embarrassing; from one day to the next I was
completely obsessed.

Every time was the same, pure joy – I would spend
the whole time with a huge grin on my face, my
mind completely immersed in the physicality; I’d
finish exhausted, sweaty and completely spent.

At first I thought the passion was about feeling
young again and enjoying how my body was getting
stronger and fitter.  I was learning to move parts
of me that I had forgotten all about.  I was

But then I realized it was something else.  It is
how it completely clears my mind.  And in those
moments of a clarity and focus, I am really happy.

You may be asking, what is this crazy passion?
Where did it come from?  Who’s the guy?

Well, it’s no guy.  It’s Zumba – a wonderful
exercise/dance class to Latin music with a wild
and crazy energy.  It only took one class for me
to fall in love!

There are lots of ways to relieve stress.  But
it’s the passion that drew me in, the fun and the
fitness.  What do you do when you feel stress?

When I think about passion I know that Zumba is
not my first love.  It is my most recent! 
My first love was stories.  It’s been true love
for me, lasted a lifetime.

So, I wonder what’s your passion?  What the thing
that gets you out of the stress funk?  What do you
do to ease the tension?  I’d love to hear!

Leave a comment below.

Best wishes and best stories

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3 comments on “Are you stressed?

  1. I used to feel everyone’s stress, and add it onto mine. Then I realized that stress is a way to make sure you die young and unhappy, and decided to let it run off me. If I feel stressed, I take a 4 second in, 4 second out deep breath, and then zip up.. and technique used in energy medicine.

    If that doesn’t do it completely, I pick up my gratitude journal and make an entry or two, and Voila! my vibration level is way up and stress is walking away, frustrated.

    You have to realize that you can do little to change the things that stress you, or you would have done it to prevent the stress. So, if you see it coming, say “nice try” smile and walk away.

    Life happens; take the right road and though you may not find your yellow brick road, you can enjoy your cobbles more.

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