(VID) ‘Being in Biz’ – Zen Wisdom for Your Biz

What did the thief really want?  This great Zen tale gives wisdom for business – Please don’t forget to leave a comment and SHARE the love!!

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4 comments on “(VID) ‘Being in Biz’ – Zen Wisdom for Your Biz

  1. HI Lisa, Thanks for a lovely story and way you applied it as a metaphor for the means creating the ends.


  2. Dia duit, a Lisa,

    The event which you describe in your story is very similar to the real life near tragedy which took place a few weeks ago when an armed killer entered a school somewhere in the U.S. for the purpose of carrying out another murderous spree. He was gently approached by a female unarmed employee who persuaded him to see another dimension of who he is. Touched by the respect and consideration which this courageous lady demonstrated, the intruder laid down his weapon and waited for the arrival of the police.

    Go raibh maith agat, a Lisa

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