(Video) Boundaries and a Call from Hell!

I just couldn’t believe it when I realized who was on the phone – shock, terror, excitement and dread all at once

And NO IDEA what to say or what to do…

Watch the video and find out what happened next!!!

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6 comments on “(Video) Boundaries and a Call from Hell!

  1. Thanks for the reminder that we need to be ok with where we are. If a potential client doesn’t agree with that then it’s probably not an ideal partnership. And you are right, this is why you are in your own business, to run the show the way you want and not to be on call or on demand. Thanks for your show 🙂

  2. Love the true life story about how things work out, especially when you work from home. I no longer have children at home, so I've learned not to pick up the phone if too many things are going on.

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