Building Your Business? Tell Your Story!

It never ceases to amaze me how effective a good
story is.

Last week I had a chance meeting with a business
prospect. I answered an email query from a
business forum that I receive updates from. A
very interesting company was looking for a partner
to deliver some inspirational training in the area
of public speaking. I responded immediately with
an informal email talking about story work and the
amazing power of storytelling to develop business
interest and create growth opportunities. They
got back to me right away and we met up.

It was a beautiful day and as I walked to our
meeting point I enjoyed the light breeze that was
a refreshing break from these unusually warm days.
I was relaxed and confident knowing that my story
was clear and I was excited at the opportunity to
share my passion. The women waiting for me were
in the middle of their own meeting and greeted me
with great warmth and curiosity.

I sat down, completely at ease and we talked about
the beautiful surroundings and the great coffee
that was served in the restaurant where they had
chosen to meet me. And I told them my story, the
story of my work background and the vision I have
for my business. I had no trouble talking about
my talents and skills, the gift that I bring to
the world, it is what I live and breadth these
days! They were engaged and excited to hear all
about it.

Three days later, a speaker at their conference
cancelled last minute. Guess who they called?
Yes, that’s right, my story had stayed in their
minds and hearts and I got the call. I quickly
shifted my prior engagements, checked in with my
partner and found a babysitter. I filled in the
spot and could avail of this incredible
opportunity that was made possible by the power of
my story.

You see, when your story is aligned with your life
experience, values, beliefs and skills, everything
falls into place. I did not have to sell my
services, I did not have to embark on some kind of
intricate marketing process, I simply told my
story. And that totally did the job!
So, next time an opportunity arises, be prepared
to tell your story. That’s all you need to do.
When it is clear, concise, aligned and passionate,
it is more powerful than you can imagine!


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Have a wonderful week
Best wishes and best stories

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