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By the time I finished my breakfast his phone had rung seven times. 

I took a deep breath noticing how loud his voice was as he chatted with his work colleagues and discussed how to resolve the situation that he was not able to attend in person.

I went back to the web page I was cooking up, rereading the copy, making sure the links were in place.   I had come to the conclusion again that this work was so much better delegated, I just needed to pass on the technical stuff, so I can concentrate on what I’m really good at. 

His voice penetrated again, cup of tea my dear? Lovely, thanks I said somewhat distracted.

You see, I work from home.  Let me explain, I LOVE working from home.  I love having my own business and managing my time.  I LOVE the quiet of the first few productive hours of my day.  It was not quiet this morning!

My partner was home sick, poor thing.  And it was a beautiful reminder of how much I have perfectly designed my work environment to suit my somewhat erratic and emotive state.  I eat when I’m hungry, I drink lots of cups of tea, I hang the laundry when I need a break from the screen,  I walk around and around the garden when I’m making a story my own.   

I find the exact space and atmosphere I need to do what I have decided to task for each day.

Right now I’m sitting in one of my favorite café’s with a hot cup of coffee by my side, some nice soothing music and the kind of distraction that for some reason seems to get my creative juices flowing. 

I am truly blessed.

But why am I telling you this?

Because EVERYONE should get to work this way!  I feel so strongly about this, that this is a big part of my life’s purpose; to help people discover and create their story so they can understand that their business does not have to be so much of a struggle.

You need to get this incredibly important fact, that your story is a crucial part of who you are and what you do and most importantly, why people would want to work with you. 

Storytelling is the most powerful tool of influence.  Stories don’t just pursuade, market and sell, stories create the kind of connection that develops trust, probably one of the most important and hard to find commodities these days.

When you learn to use your story in your business, you can stop getting stressed by the marketing, you get to choose your clients, you get to really reap the benefits of your hard work and your very special talents.

If this appeals to you and you would like to learn how to get clients and take the stress out of building your business, think about joining the Story Community Mastermind Program.  

It’s a brand new program with you in mind and delivers high-value at low-cost, so you can afford to learn and share in a community environment while you get the tools and resources you need to create the success you deserve.

Take a look and see if this is a match for you; I do hope you’ll join us (and bonuses still available!)

I’m off now to get a few more boxes of tissues and some lemons for hot tea!
What do you love about the way your work?
What else would you like to create?
Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

And have a wonderful week! 
Best wishes and best stories,


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12 comments on “Business Success Your Way!

  1. Lisa your description is so apt.
    Whatever I do, work, family or relationships, the job is to make sure I’m enjoying myself.
    Washing as a screen-break is a great example
    My back has been out for a couple of weeks. I am way on the mend now.
    What made the difference was realising that I oughtn’t be waiting for me to get better in order to enjoy life.
    The key was to realise I have the best life, now, as is, back and all.
    I started to enjoy reading in bed and walking 200 slow meters with the dog.
    Guess what? As soon as I let it be, my back started to mend.

  2. HI Lisa-

    Lovely, lovely website- good luck on all your creative products- all the best!

    Ronnie Dunetz

  3. Hi Lisa,
    It was relaxing and stressful to read your story.
    On the one hand I would love to have that relaxed life where I actually ENJOY what I do, but it feels like it keeps slipping away and that’s stressful for me.
    I hope to find the path to courage and stop running and hiding because that’s all I do..
    thanks for the inspiration,

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Wow! I am grateful to be working toward the life you describe. Your description makes life seem flowing.and wonderful I am experiencing that it really can be that way. Thanks, I really enjoyed this story.

  5. Morming Lisa!

    I am truly bessed! Working also from home. Staying on a farm just outside town, We woke up each morning with the voice of the bushveld, the zebra’s morning call, the chickens and geese, so many bushveld birds amd the stunning “silence” of the city traffic. As coach, this atmosphere influence also my clients mentally state – vision and energy. Ussualy when they arrive we scrole around the garden, listen to the veld on our way to the office … No mpre sitting in traffic, duch from one appointment to the other. I have more clients AND MORE ME TIME!!!!! Nible fresh vegetables out of my garden when i hungry, feeding the koi’s when i stretch my legs or checking on the new arrivalls (baby goats) at the kraal. Networking on the internet with the background noice of water flowing into the dam next to my house. A client surprise me with some seedlings yesterday … I am blessed

  6. I’ve finally landed a NONstressful teaching job – which sounds like an oxymoron. But I’ve got only girls, a small group (around 15) and although they’re low level, they enjoy (and perform) the activities I give them to do. Well, maybe because I start every lesson with a story – what’s going on in my life (choir concerts, acting in a play, etc.). And/or what’s going on with them. And every lesson worth its salt has to have a story either read to them as they listen or as they read and/or recite. How different from my last (maternity sub job) where we force fed them grammar ad nauseum.
    But the fly in the ointment – it’s only a temp job. That means I have to get serious about getting a full time, large classes to be disciplined, job for next year. So if I can only apply from what succeeded in this job – elsewhere, viz., tell them stories…

  7. Lisa,
    I found your movie story and the soundtrack comparison to our business to be very inspiring and insightful. For me it is a new and wonderful way to think of the fertile soil in which my business can grow. I know, the type of sound track I initiate and allow as a background for my business is up to me. Thanks a million.

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