Can I speak with you?

Can I speak with you?

I’d like to be straight with you.

No messing around.
No ‘marketing’-speak…

And first (of course!) a story.

We sat outside with the glorious winter sun warming us, the calm before the storm, expected rain for the rest of the week.

She said to me, but you’re not normal Lisa, I really don’t know anyone else like you.

It caught me by surprise. I was not expecting this kind of conversation.

I had been telling her about the entrepreneurial life, the ups and downs – the amazing opportunities and projects and clients – and the no-shows, and the mistakes, the worry and the calls from the bank.

This was the woman who had played devil’s advocate all those years ago. Why would I hire you she asked? When I could hire a Coach with a phd in psychology from one of those big established firms. Back then it made me realize how badly I needed a good story – so that I could actually convince her, myself and everyone else, why they would indeed hire me!

And now she was doing it again. But different this time. She said, Lisa, you have such high goals, you’re amazing. You do it all, you have it all and yes I know it’s not easy.

I was shocked, almost dumbstruck.

She went on.

You see most people settle, she said. They get a decent job, do the best they can with their kids and relationships. They dream of stuff, but mostly they don’t actually do it.

You’ve done it Lis. The books, the programs, the travel, the keynotes – you’ve done it all. You have an amazing story.

Hours later, I thought about what she had said.

And I realized (reluctantly at first!) that it’s true.

I do have a powerful story.

And it didn’t come from nowhere.

It came from Story Coaching.

I’ve been blessed by so many amazing story coaches in my life.

Firstly my father. He always wanted to hear my stories. And then would ask the most amazing provocative questions that would help me explore further, understand the philosophy and meaning of my experiences.

Then my teacher Niall (one of those mythological teachers!), who nourished my passion for fiction, poetry and writing of all kind. He would bring bag loads of books to class and literally through them at me – Lisa, you HAVE to read this!

Then my mother, who while correcting my grammar to this day, teaches me to talk deeper and wider and listens to me like no one in my life has ever listened.

Then my callers on the crisis line all those years ago who taught ME how to listen. And that even the worst and most unthinkable pain eases with the telling of the story.

And my love, who speaks a different language to me, in so many ways, yet teaches me patience, resilience, persistence and love, always love.

And the coaches, speakers, leaders, CEO’s and dreamers who I am so honored and so blessed to serve – who teach me the power of story every single day.

So, I want to speak with you. To see if you need story coaching too.

It has totally changed my life and my business. It has given me joy, freedom and empowerment beyond anything I ever imagined.

I know that it can do this for you too.

If you’re ready to talk about Story Coaching, connect with me and let’s talk.

I can’t wait to hear your story.

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