Can you believe it?

The storm began in the late afternoon with strong winds and heavy rain.  

This morning it’s still raging.  The kids were bundled up with coats and umbrellas and instructions to keep warm and dry. 

And I take refuge in the local café with the comings and goings of people sheltering and the coffee machine noise gently soothing the words from my thoughts on to the screen.

One whole wall of the local coffee shop is mirrored so though I’m sitting facing the wall, I can watch the people with a glance up from my screen.  It’s fascinating.

We’re all living out our stories!  It’s clear that the woman clutching the cup to her breast and scanning her mobile phone has had a stressful morning.  She’s anxious and concerned.  I wonder what’s her story?

The couple sitting across from me are negotiating a home rental contract, they’re smiling in that superficial ‘let’s pretend we’re friends’ way so that they can get the business done. 

The young woman at the table is reviewing a presentation with her quirky ear muffs and constant texting.

The two women beside the window are telling a familiar story.  The older woman has a laptop half closed while she leans forward and talks animatedly.  The younger woman is holding a tiny baby, smiling and nodding in automatic response while sneaking glances out of the window to the pouring rain.

Do you believe these stories?  Can you hear them?

We are all storytellers.  Our stories define our reality.  What we tell ourselves about our experience creates our experience.  The stories we tell about others, creates the reality that we believe we live in.

Are you stories empowering you?  Do they create a world that you want to live in?

Do your stories help you live to your greatest potential?

I noticed the stories all around me…and realize that these are indeed my stories; they are the world that I have created.  They are amazing stories.

Today, as you start noticing your stories, make them great!

What story are you noticing today? 

Share it below.

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