Can You Hear the Music?

It was movie night, most of the class had shown

They had worn themselves out running around the
garden and shooting basketball hoops and had
thrown themselves down to get comfortable for the

It occurred to me how the sprawling legs had been
toddlers not so long ago, and I realize how fast
the day will arrive that we will need extra sofas
and beanbags to contain the length and strength of
these boys!

We had churned out a few buckets of popcorn,
ordered the pizzas and turned out the lights. The
big screen was down. The movie began.

Before the credits had finished one of my younger
boys was glancing towards me uncomfortably and
finally gave in and came over to sit with me. I
put my arms around him and felt his heart beating
really fast.

I looked up to the screen to see computer
generated images and patterns, a father talking to
a son, a motorbike roaring off into the night.

They were not frightening images, but the
soundtrack created an uncomfortable atmosphere of
tension and surprise.

You know that feeling. The lights go down, the
screen lights up and the music starts to resonate
so that if you put your hand on your chest, you
feel the vibration. They are just proving the
quality of the surround system and already your
heart is pounding!

The soundtrack of a movie is so important, it can
make or break or break it in the box office.
It got me thinking.

What is our life’s soundtrack? What do we hear as
we move through the scenes of our every day.
Our stories are a big part of this soundtrack.
The ones we tell and hear, and the ones we tell in
our mind.

Just this morning, I read an email from a
well-known business leader quoting a famous
economist who is predicting upcoming disaster and
recession. This, momentarily, became the
background music to my morning.

Luckily, I could pull away, take a deep breath,
adjust my posture and take a long appreciative
gaze out of the window of the train at the beautiful

That story has no business in my life’s soundtrack
this morning. I hear a very different sound.

Take a moment to hear the symphony of your day;
the soundtrack of your heart and mind, the music
of your business. Who is the composer? Who are
the musicians?

If you were to choose to sit down and put on some

Would you allow complaints of the tax officer
play in your chosen orchestra?

Would the guy who cut you out on the highway get
to compose a part of your music sheet?

Would the fear-instilling, alarmist journalist get
to have artistic say in the music of your day?

Would the bully in your class 25 years ago get to
conduct the piece?

You can decide how your music will sound.

You need to be the composer and conductor of your
daily symphony, particularly when it comes to the
music of your business.

Choose the melodies that give you hope and faith.

Choose the musicians that inspire you with their

Choose the soundtrack that will help you learn,
grow and expand.

Listen to the sounds of your own brilliance, the
music of who you really are.

And soon, you’ll see that you are humming the
music of joy and success without even realizing

Please leave a comment about how you create
your personal or business soundtrack.

Best wishes and best stories

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