I had ordered my coffee, unpacked my bag and was setting in for a few hours of work at the coffee shop. I had a short list of house-keeping stuff to do, make a  dental appointment for my son, follow up with my friend about meeting before she headed off on vacation and connect with one of the kid’s teachers about coming into the school to tell stories.

I do that sometimes, just randomly take on storytelling activities and the ones that scare me the most are related to lots of rowdy kids cooped up in a classroom and ready to pounce!

But I wanted to do this, for the school, for the teacher and for my son and we were all set earlier in the week. Last minute it got cancelled so I needed to reconnect and schedule an alternative.

That’s when she walked into the coffee shop – the teacher I mean. I was surprised at first, and then I had the distinct thought – of course, what’s on our mind manifests – sometimes instantaneously – why does that surprise me?

I see evidence of this every day – and yet, I forget and I doubt. I wonder why.

Do you know what I mean? Do you believe it?

Here’s the thing though – I believe we need to consider this ‘manifestation’ thing really seriously. I mean critically seriously.

I’m talking about two things here noticing outcomes and taking responsibility. For good and for bad. You see it works both way.

I’m going to explain with some very specific examples. Some real life stories.I live in a small town with a chronic traffic and parking problem. Yet every time I leave the house to go to the areas that are impossible to park in, I imagine where I’m going to park. For the 5 or 10 minutes it takes me to get to that area, I’m excited about the exact place that I’m going to park and feel the thrill of the actual experience of parking there. And it works every time. I’m not kidding. So much so that a few weeks ago I met my mom at a local coffee shop. She arrived early, circled a few times and parked a few streets away. While she waited for me she noticed the parking spot that was visible from where she sat. She realized that this was my spot (she knows about my visualization process, that I do this every time!) and she was right. I arrived just in time to park about 20 steps from the front of the cafe!

Over the last few months I’ve been very focused on the fact that I’ve gained a few kilos. I’m not happy about the extra weight I’ve been carrying. I notice that the more I focus on the gain and the undesirable situation, the less I’m able to shift it. What I focus on increases. Just last week I started to focus on a sense of myself as being perfectly proportioned, feeling comfortable and satisfied with my size – and yes, it’s already making a difference. Not only do I feel better but I’m eating more healthily and returned to my running routine for the first time in 4 months.

My friend had been looking for a job for the longest time. We had meet up to chat and she told me how difficult it had been for her to find a suitable position. She gave me all the list of reasons why no one would employ her – lack of skills, time out of the market while she raised her kids, rusty tech ability etc. During our talk she really shifted her story. You see, I had asked her about her strengths and what she loved to do. And we talked at length about all her past successes. The very next day, she ran into an old acquaintance. She told her about her situation and that woman referred her to a colleague who within a few days offered her a job. Amazing!

And then of course there’s money. This is a biggie.

When you’re struggling, or have difficulties with cash flow….

When you wish you had lots more clients….

When you want to earn more but are afraid to charge more…

When you know that what you do is fantastic and super-powerful, but you’re convinced that no one will pay for it.

When you wonder if you’ll ever get over these money worries….

When you’ve sent in an application or a proposal and you’re nervously waiting to be rejected (yes, we all do this…)

You are attracting all this into your life and business

Yes YOU – you are attracting the lack, the struggle, the rejection.

Now, I’m not saying you just sit back and wait for miracles to happen (thought they often do!!). That you assume that everything will come to you without any effort or work.

What I’m saying is that there is immense power in your thoughts and your focus. And you WILL manifest whatever you put your attention to.

So take some time to figure out what you really want.

Then imagine it …in it’s full glory…in it’s full power.

Feel how that is in your life already – you have everything you need, everything you want, everything your heart desires.

What you need to do will become clear (and yes you will have stuff to do…)

And what you desire will show up.

Not always exactly as you imagined, not always in an instant, but what you put your mind to will be there.

It’s happened to me again and again, for good and for bad.

What about you? What will you manifest today?

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