Can You See It This Way?

Are you struggling with some part of your business?

Do you feel dread or worry or simple exhaustion when you think about some part of your daily activities?

Do you feel like maybe it’s just too tough?

 These last few weeks have been such a great lesson in perspective!

 I grew up knowing that there is always someone less fortunate and more fortunate than you; that you will always find people with more and people with less.

 In the midst of our own problems, it’s often hard to think of other perspectives.   This is one of the wonders of coaching, as we become aware of other perspectives we find new solutions and new ways of being.

 The unexpected events of this week reminded me of this and brought me back to the 1990’s. 

 I was far enough away from the earthquake that I just felt the weirdness of the building swaying from the 17th floor of my office.  It seemed unreal and quite exciting.

 The hurricane was a different story, a very dramatic one.  Stuck in one of the worst hit areas, it was also exciting but quite frightening.

  I’ll never forget the moment where we were trying to figure out if we could go outside; was it over or were we just in the eye of the storm.

 We had been told that to open the door in the middle of the storm would simply blow the house down.  So we didn’t know what to do.  Finally, we carefully opened the door and as we took our first steps outside a huge gust of wind blew and we screamed and ran inside to hide!

 We were safe though, the storm was over, we could go out and assess the damage; we had survived.

 This week I received many emails from clients, colleagues and friends who were preparing, sheltering or recovering from the storm and earthquake.  

 I was in the midst of preparing my kid’s for returning to school, catching up from the day’s off I’ve been taking sporadically over the last few weeks of summer holidays and proofing my book that will be released shortly.  I have to admit I was somewhat overwhelmed and had a pretty narrow perspective.

Bigger events took over and I, for one, got a much broader view!

So, if you are stuck with feeling overwhelmed in your business or your life or if your job is getting you down.  If you’re feeling a bit lost and unsure of your direction and your story.  If you’ve just had a major birthday and you’re concerned about where your life is going.  If you are comparing yourself to your peers or anyone else and are worried that you come up short….

Think of another perspective.

Imagine yourself about to be hit by a hurricane or moved by an earthquake.

You may be surprised to realize.

You are enough.

You are exactly where you need to be.

You are as magnificent as you dream you want to be.

You are already there.

 Go ahead, please share your perspective below. 

Best wishes and best stories


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4 comments on “Can You See It This Way?

  1. Lisa,
    This atory was inspiring. It made me think about how it is all about perspective – And how our perspective is under our control, We are in charge of it and we can change it. Our results will change as we change our stories (our perspective).

  2. Thanx Lisa You are right. I am there. There are still blocks cropping up but I benefit from facing them and eventually I will be fully living my dream. Step by step. Janey

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