Can You Tell It?

I am amazed that so many talented, smart people,
who are brilliant at what they do, just can’t seem
to talk about it.

Being good at what you do is really important.

But’s it’s only the start.

You also HAVE to be good at talking about it, you
have to tell a good story.

If you can’t talk about what you do in a
compelling and articulate way, you will not find
clients.  That is, your clients won’t find you.

Years ago I was hired as a bar waitress on a
cruise ship.  I had been working as a bartender in
a pub in Ireland and I fancied some better weather
and an adventure.

So just a few weeks later I found myself in
Miami, waiting to be assigned a ship for the
Caribbean cruise.  I had certainly found better
weather and lots of adventure!

I also discovered a class system on the ships and
to my dismay, I was near the bottom.  With little
rights and no pay, other than tips (some of which
were verbal!), I realized that if I transferred
out of the bar staff and into the photography
team, then I would be in much better standing!

As a photographer, I would get to share a cabin
with just one other person.  I would have en-suite
facilities.  And best of all, I would be allowed
walk around passenger areas when I wasn’t working
(this was not allowed for bar staff). 

I did some research and preparation.
Then I took action.

Having discovered that the 2 teams were under the
same management, I asked to meet with the Manager
on land.  He agreed and I made a suggestion.

I said, “You guys have a problem that I may be
able to help out with.  You have too many bar
waiters and not enough photographers.  And I have
a degree in Film and Television and lots of
experience with photography.   Wouldn’t the
company be better served if you transferred me to
the photography team?”

No, I wasn’t lying but I did indulge in a bit
of…shall we call it…embellishment!

The problem in the company was real and this guy
was responsible for both departments (I had done
my homework).

I did have the said degree but not exactly a ton
of experience in photography, unless you count
family snapshots over the years!

But I could tell a great story.  And more
importantly, I could tell the story that they
needed to hear. 

Now I’m not suggesting that we just make up
stuff.  But I am suggesting that each one of us
has the power to change our life and play a bigger

I could never have gotten the transfer if I had
said, “Hey listen, I want a better cabin and more
rights.”  But what I did instead was believe in
myself and know that I could get a better job.  A
by-product did indeed happen to be that I would
serve the company better.

And I had the guts and the nerve to step forward
and dare to be more that I was at that time.

So, what happened?  Well, I worked as a
photographer on Caribbean Cruise Ships for ten
months.  It was an incredible experience!  It was
serious work and serious play, and though years
have passed, the memories are still fresh!

In every stage of our lives we have the choice to
stay where we are, safe and sound, but far less
than what we really are.

Or we can choose to tell a wonderful story.  A
story that expresses our brilliance, a story that
helps us envision a bigger and better version of

Sometimes this story is about doing what we were
meant to do in the world, serving others and
contributing to a positive and powerful present. 

Sometimes the story is about being true to
ourselves and bringing the love of what we do to
the forefront of our activity.

Sometimes it’s the story of how we can help

It’s the story that makes all the difference.

What story are you telling about yourself and
your abilities?

What stops you telling a greater more empowering

Share with us, right here.

Best wishes and best stories

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12 comments on “Can You Tell It?

  1. Lisa,
    Excellent piece and very inspiring. A powerful statement that you made here is: “Each one of us has the power to change our lives and play a bigger game.” Thanks for that.

  2. Enjoyed your story about morning prayer.

    The only difference for me is… I stay snuggled under the cozy comforter as I offer gratitude and love and commune w Spirit, watching the sun rise over the bay through my window.

  3. Hi Lisa,
    As a storyteller myself, I love your work. I appreciated your last email story about walking with your dog and look forward bein in touch with your wonderful work in the world.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I’ve noticed the positive effects of my stories on my life over the years. Before an interview, I begin to think of all the things I’ve done in my life that make me a great asset. I didn’t know that I was telling myself a story. Other times, when I wasn’t exactly feeling up for the challenges life sometimes presents, I was telling myself another story altogether! The result of these stories was me disappearing from life into books and tv for a while.
    Thanks for writing about this, and reminding me to tell myself a story every morning, about who I really am! The choice of how to see myself, present myself, and how to show up in life.
    Loved! Appreciated! A Blessing! A Giver!

  5. I read this story on the email and felt compelled to leave a comment. I enjoyed the richness of this post very much and it was so much of a reminder for me to get back to my morning start-up of exercise. The funny thing is that I have been thinking about it for the past few days and now you have reinforced it!! Thanks a lot Lisa.

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