Common Sense – Do You Have It?

We were in the coffee shop discussing a
self-development book we had both read sometime
over the last few years.

“It’s all about cause and effect,” she said.
“Yes, not exactly rocket science, right?”  I

“It’s common sense really isn’t it,” she said.
“Exactly, just common sense, so why does everyone
make such a big fuss of the book?,” I asked.
“Well, people don’t really get it do they?” She
“So why is it called common sense,” I asked, “it
doesn’t seem to be very common.”
Your right, she said, not common at all actually.

“So, how did you learn cause and effect, your
common sense” she asked.

“At home”, I said, “at home during my childhood,
from my mother and father”

We began talking about values and practices,
raising kids and ethical work issues; all mixed up
of course!

You were very lucky, she said, very fortunate
that your parents taught you all that stuff.

And she’s right.  My parents were always very
sensible and they taught us common sense.  Then
they let us go and make major mistakes, again and
again…just standing by to pick up the pieces.

Today is my mother’s 75th birthday, I’m so
grateful that she taught me common sense.

It is such a crucial business skill.  Don’t rely
just on statistics and trends.  Don’t trust anyone
who tells you they understand your business (at
least until you check them out).  Use your common
sense and if you don’t have any, find someone who
does and ask them to teach you!

So, thanks Mum for teaching me common sense.  It
has helped me understand cause and effect – when I
lose balance, my health and happiness suffer, when
I eat unhealthy foods, I feel terribly, when I am
grateful, I have all the more to be grateful for.

Thanks Mum for helping me believe that anything
is possible.

Thanks for teaching me to value family and
relationships above all.

Thanks Mum for telling me your stories. 

Do you have common sense?
Who taught it to you?
Go ahead and share your story here!

Best wishes and best stories

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2 comments on “Common Sense – Do You Have It?

  1. One of the things I love about you, Lisa, is your common sense. You coach from a grounded in reality perspective, yet still seeing possibility.

    As I consider it now, I learned my own common sense from my mother. Now that I’m all grown up, I find myself seeing the value in her wisdom and insight on everything. Who was it who said, the older we get, the smarter our parents get? My mother always says she’s not that smart, and doesn’t know much. But she is very grounded and has common sense. Which, as you say, is not all that common.

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