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Executive Story Coaching

Articulate Authentically, Present with Power

Leadership Development

Become the influencer we LOVE to follow

The Story of Change

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We combine years of experience in Learning and Development, Coaching and Performance Storytelling, to offer exceptional programs for your organization.

Create—highly energized and motivated leaders, effective teams and increased revenues.

Programs for Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, High Potential, and Diversity

Executive Story Coaching

Articulate Authentically, Present with Power

You have a high-stake opportunity; you need to make a very specific impression—to close a deal or secure funding. Maybe it’s a sales kick-off, potential clients or investors. You may not get a second chance. You know that great leaders are usually great storytellers. They have profound impact and outstanding influence. Access your authentic, inspired self while learning to creatively articulate your vision & ideas. So you can connect deeply, contribute widely and inspire the people that matter.

Lisa.  I want to thank you once again for writing a speech that was authentic to me and extensively coaching me …I was very impressed by your work and by your dedication to making me deliver the presentation in the most effective way.  I look forward to working with you again.

Scott Shay
Scott Shay
Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

In a few sessions, Lisa taught me how to develop great presentations and how to deliver my message in a clear, precise and compelling voice. The time spent was extremely interesting and very beneficial to my work.

Tuval Chomut, Clicktale
Tuval Chomet
CEO Clicktale

Lisa was pivotal in getting me going on my journey of understanding why telling authentic stories is so important, and in helping me become a story-teller.

Nick Williams
Best-selling author of nine books including The Work We Were Born To Do, speaker, broadcaster and mentor

Not only is Lisa Bloom a master storyteller, she’s a powerful mentor. Thanks to Lisa, my speaking has blossomed and I feel so much more comfortable on the stage. Now, from the instant I connect with the audience to the very end of my presentations, I have a greater command, greater connection and the results are profound. Story helps me touch people on a much deeper level.

MarBeth Dunn
Executive Producer - The Having It ALL Show, Mentor * International Speaker * Author

Leadership Development

Become the influencer we LOVE to follow
In our world of distraction and disengagement, leaders are challenged as never before. The pace of change, the volatile, unpredictable environment and the complexity of our organizations and businesses have substantially increased.

Leaders need new competencies, they need to be empowered & strategically aligned; this requires Leadership Presence. We use a powerful framework to align the outer and inner stories and equip your leaders to shift culture, engage, motivate and inspire.

Creating programs to your specific needs, we develop advanced mindset, behavior and skills focusing on authenticity, effective communication, and high-level engagement.

Storytelling has become a strategic business tool in today’s world of ‘a lot of noise’. It is more important than ever, that every single person in the organization uses the right stories internally and when interacting with customers. With this purpose, we invited Lisa to our company.

Tülin Karabük
Executive, Arçelik

The Storytelling course really was an enriching experience. Lisa’s approach and exercises were both challenging and fun, we were amazed at what came out of each of us. I highly recommend this course and Lisa’s coaching session to all executives.

Akın Gerzanli

In the age of limitless data, stories bring meaning!

I attended Lisa Bloom’s Power of Story Telling for Business training in Istanbul. We have so many stories hidden in us. Lisa helped me to bring my stories with a deeper understanding and relevance to today’s needs. She guided us with an easy-to-follow structure to craft impactful stories for business. In the age of data bombardment, I believe her guidance is a powerful tool to bring the meaning and impact to our communication!

Özlem Yeşilyurt

The Story of Change

Making change stick

Change is the only constant. Organizations tend to focus on the process and technology of change and, overwhelmed by the complexity, become almost inarticulate.

If you can’t talk about change effectively, you can’t implement change successfully. When you create a powerful change story, you rise above confusion, resistance & rejection and build engaged, collaborative teams to tell it. This empowers your people while saving crucial resources. Implementing change never looked so good.

People can’t stop talking about the meaningful experience they had today, and it is also thanks to all of your hard work, creativity and efforts that you have invested in the training program!

—Alon Futterman
ELAL Ambassador Training Program

Wanted to share with you that … (our speaker) was AMAZING! 
As people said, this was the most interesting and exciting gathering they had ever!

—HR Director

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