Dancing Blind – Day 12

Geoff’s Story

Dancing Blind

I call myself a business mechanic.

For years I had accumulated great experience because of my fast paced, super-smart approach.

We had just moved to Jakarta.  Business was going well. I managed massive projects. I was challenged and came through with a lot of business success.

Around that time I became more and more aware of how I needed to interact with people.  The foreign environment, the melting pot of cultures and languages, along with a 360′ review at work, made it crystal clear that my emotional intelligence was nowhere near my intellectual intelligence scores.

I was going to have to make a change

The woman who ran the orphanage brought us into a room with about forty babies and children.  She said, “This one is yours.”I said “why not that one, or the other”, but she insisted, “no he’s yours.”

We had visited several times while we were making the decision to adopt.  They had gotten to know us.  I suppose they noticed that we were serious, we offered a good home.

We had great intentions.  They wanted to give us a baby that was healthy, with no serious problems.  “This one is yours,” they said.

Over the next few weeks we went through the required bureaucracy and in the meantime I started to spend more and more time there.  I would change diapers, hold babies and generally pitch in to help out.I think that’s why they gave us Michael.  Finally, we got to take him home.

That last review left me gutted.  They described a person I could barely recognize.  It was a person I didn’t want to know and certainly didn’t want to admit that I had become.

I could have walked away.  I could have blamed everyone else.  I knew that it was up to me.  I apologized to a lot of people at that time.

And I started my journey of self-development.  I became a coach.

I call myself dancing blind man.

I had an amazing teacher in Martial arts.  He liked to drink Drambuie.  One night, after many drinks he said, “Never give a sword to a dancing blind man.”

We laughed a lot but I never forgot his words.  I had certainly been blind.

I had achieved the great dream of career, wealth and success; and I was desperately lost and unhappy.

My blindness cost me good relationships, career opportunities and friendships.Maybe the dance began in Jakarta; perhaps it was what they saw in me when I came for Michael.

Gathering up the pieces of disappointment and unrealized expectations, I have overcome the odds.

I call myself the dancing blind man.

And now I’m living, working and loving better than ever!

– Geoff Hetherington is the Dancing Blind Man http://www.dancingblindman.com

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