‘Dare To Tell’ Story Movement

Here’s the challenge.

100 stories in 100 days…

We all have these stories that are really hard to tell.  You know the kind of stories? You’re not sure what people will think.  You don’t even know how you’re going to feel if you share it.

You see, I’ve noticed something that I just can’t ignore.

Over the last few years so many people have told me their story.  Often it’s the story that they’ve found quite hard to tell and yet something amazing happens when they tell it.

There have been bright eyes, hugs or long leaned-into handshakes; it’s on both sides, there’s that slow nod of recognition, a palpable feeling that my heart is opening.  It feels strangely like the most courageous act of connection I’ve ever experienced.

You see, when you tell the story that’s hard to tell, it’s SUCH a relief.  You realize that it wasn’t that bad at all.  Actually you feel great, all of sudden the weight is off your shoulders!

You suddenly realize that you’re not alone.  Other people have had a similar experience, or at least they can hear you and relate to something you’ve said.

When you dare to tell your story, it transforms the discomfort into an act of COURAGE and CONNECTION.

This is what the ‘Dare To Tell’ Story Movement is all about.

I’m going to interview 100 people and blog their stories every day.  I’m SO excited!

And I want to invite YOU to be a part of it.

Here’s what you can do.

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  3. Click on the link to schedule an interview and share your story
Stories Change the World – Go on – Dare to Tell Yours!
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7 comments on “‘Dare To Tell’ Story Movement

  1. This is magnificent, Lisa! I love your idea. I have several stories to tell—one in particular that relates to the book I'm finishing, 'When You Are Too Hard on Yourself". I don't see the link we're to click on to schedule an interview. I'll try the one above.
    In any case, this is terrific, and I applaud you for inviting folks to talk about that which is so difficult. It helpls healing as well as creating that sense of comradery, doesn't it.
    Blessings to you, Nicki Smith McClusky.

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