Dare to Tell Story Show – It’s here!

Well I’ve finally done it – soooo happy!

 Check out this video and LEAVE A COMMENT!

It’s your turn now – what are you Daring to do today? 

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20 comments on “Dare to Tell Story Show – It’s here!

  1. Looking forward to whatever you have to share. I've been doing some daring myself. That is core of the creative process isn't it – though I have to admit harder when it's me than for a customer.

  2. Thank you Lisa for daring to launch your "Dare to Tell Story Show" into the world. You're inspiring me to be daring too. You asked what I'm daring to do today? I'm daring to launch my "Power of Personal Passion" coaching program, based on my book, "Say 'I do!' to You." I'm excited about it; and you're giving me just the perfect amount of push to get it going. Thanks!

  3. Iris, the Mojo Sage
    Very inspiring! I am learning that most powerful thing I can do for my clients is show up and be real thank you thank you

  4. Two or three years ago, you coached me on how to make my story vivid and alive! I have another story that I will tell in my upcoming bestseller, Life after Medical Expenses – Living in a War Zone. I'm just starting to let folks know of my plans. LinkedIn was first and this page is the 2nd site where I making my announcement.

    • Wonderful Nancy, so happy for you and looking forward to reading your new book!, best wishes, Lisa

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