Did You Find It?

 Did you ever feel desperate to find something?
It may have been something you had lost, or
perhaps something you simply wanted to have.

Do you remember what it felt like to search and
search, and almost give up. 
And then to find it.
A sweet moment.

It was an early spring evening in Dublin.  Town
was packed.  There had been a European football
match that day, there were Frenchmen everywhere.
All sides were out, they were either drowning
their sorrows and heartbreak (over the game!) or
celebrating.  Either way, as they say in Dublin,
lot of drink was had by all!

We were young and carefree, out for a good night.
My best friend Lucy and I met a nice group of
lads at the pub.  We chatted, went to a
met up with some other friends and eventually
continued the party back at Lucy’s place.

She lived in ‘the little house’, a tiny inner
city shack in one of the worst areas of Dublin,
backing up to ‘the flats’ were there were a lot
drugs, gangs and general thugs.  But Lucy always
said, once they knew you and you really lived
there, they were okay.  They seemed to look after
their own and that’s what she had become.
One of the French boys took a real liking to
Lucy.  They talked all evening and in the early
hours they parted ways, he had to get back to his
hostel, pack his bag and make it back to the

Many months later a letter miraculously arrived
from the French boy.  Why miraculous?  This was
what was written on the envelope:
TO:  Lucy (pretty girl with brown hair)
 Little House
 Near Cork St. 
 Dublin, Ireland

And underneath this address, the boy had written:

‘Dear Mr. Postman. Please please find Lucy and
give her my letter. The little house is a few
streets away from Cork St., I don’t know
the name, it was late and dark. She is so nice
and I really need to find her. Thank you so much
Mr. Postman, from Jean-Pierre.’
I don’t think this was the first letter he sent.
He really wanted to find her.  And in the end he

I could tell you that it was a wonderful love
story and they lived happily ever after, but that
would be another story!

This is simply a story about searching for
something special and finally finding it.

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