Last week, at a local celebration, there was a magnificent fireworks display.  My littlest boy sat on my knee.  He was scared but I held my hands tight over his ears and he smiled and laughed and loved the sight of the exploding delights being revealed in the sky above.

Just a few years ago, at the very same time, in the very same place, his reaction was completely different.  At that time, he was terrified.  He squirmed and cried and shook with fear.  He tried to get away from me.  Despite the fact that we were in a strange place that he didn’t know, crowded with strangers, his instinct was to run.

Ultimately, when his panic did not ease, I ran with him, as far away as we could get so that he could calm down and escape being overwhelmed by the immense noise and confusion in his 3 year old mind.

It made me think about how we learn to survive.  What seems overwhelming and frightening becomes thrilling and delightful…sometimes.

And yet at other times we remain in fear, overwhelmed and unable to get beyond it.

I see it in my business all the time.  The things that are the most terrifying sometimes become not only manageable but even routine.

How often have you said, I can’t do that – it’s too complicated, it’s too difficult, I’m just not technical (and you can replace ‘technical’ with whatever word suits you!).

We tell ourselves a powerful story of how that thing that we know we can’t do is what is stopping us.  And it’s just not true.

So my message today, is to put on your courageous hat and admit that your fear story is simply that.  It’s a story.  And one that you can change.

It may not something that you do in an instant, but all you need to do is take the first step.  Identify what is the story that you’re telling.  Where are you letting your fear take over?  What small step can you take to try and do that thing that you believe you can’t do?

Whatever it is that is holding you back, the chances are there are many people out there ready to help you, believe in you, and support you.  Be courageous, reach out and get that support.  And change your story.  You can do this.  Really, you can.

We can get used to our brilliance as easily as getting used to our fear. (tweet that!)

What makes you scared and how will you change that story?

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