Do you make it look easy?

Did you ever noticed how some people make even
the most difficult task look easy?

You know what I mean? 

The trapeze artist simply flies through the air
with a gentle smile on her face. 
The musician makes heavenly sounds that make us
laugh and cry. 
The teacher explains the most difficult concepts
and we understand.

I used to wonder, is it just practice, practice,

When I was seven years old, I started learning
the piano.  I went to classes once a week and
practiced every day.  Every year I was entered
into a National competition and once a year I sat
an exam.

I was never a great pianist.  I could play and I
enjoyed it but I was never a great pianist and I
never made it look easy.

Practice helps, but it takes more than that.

It takes a combination of talent and passion.

Neither one is enough by itself. 

If you have talent but are not particularly
interested…it won’t work.

If you have passion but no particular talent, you
can be a great spectator, a great supporter.  

But to make something brilliant look easy, you
have to have talent, passion AND practice,
practice, practice.

Here’s the thing though, we all have talents and
passion.  Every single person can do something
exceptionally well.  Have you found what yours is?

Just today my friend told me he left his
well-paying career to become a school teacher; it
was a calling, it means the world to him.  I’m
sure he makes it look easy!

Last week, I was given the gift of a story about
a woman’s commitment to compassion and charity.
She makes it looks easy.

In the background, I can hear one of my favorite
musicians singing his beautiful heart out, as if
we all could do it!  He makes it look SO easy!

What is your special talent?  Where is your

It doesn’t have to be something grand.
It doesn’t have to be magnificent.
It just has to be you.
The essence of you.
The story of you.

And when you find it, tell the world.  That’s
your gift, and ours too!

Best wishes and best stories

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4 comments on “Do you make it look easy?

  1. My passion is to help others, who have been wounded by circumstances, to reintegrate into whatever they want to get back into. A person might have been in a car accident & sustained a brain injury like I did or they might have a disability or are suffering from an illness. Perhaps they have lost a job or a relationship or are suffering an addiction to alcohol, food, drugs, gambling, sex or whatever.

    My passion stems from the fact that people told me that I couldn’t fit back into my life & I did. It just too me 40 years to realize that I could survive, thrive and continue to prosper after my catastrophe. I hope that I to support others in doing that same thing for themselves.

  2. When something is done from the heart and with passion there is a flow of ease and grace that makes it look easy. As a spiritual life coach and energy healer I used to think I had to show up as an expert. I was afraid that someone would think that what I had to offer wasn’t very valuable. What I discovered was telling my own personal stories of transition, transformation and healing was what really made me “an expert”. I discovered that being transparent and authentic was very powerful and healing for others. I am passionate about helping others discover their own passion and living each day in joy through whatever challenges and transitions life brings them.

    Lisa, thanks for encouraging others to share their stories. When the layers are peeled away – out stories and our dreams are usually the same and in sharing both we can amplify are passions and dreams.

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