Don’t do this if you want people to read your blog!

You begin by doing a ton of research.
You find a great topic.
You spend all that time writing, and it doesn’t
come easy.

Then no one reads your blog.

And the following week, it starts all over again.
It’s incredibly frustrating.

Everyone swears that if you blog frequently and
write about interesting subjects, it will build up
your business.

Well, here are a few things you want to make sure
you’re NOT DOING if you want people to actually
read your blog.

  • Don’t get all theoretical
  • Don’t start preaching
  • Don’t tell them how successful and perfect you are
  • Don’t forget to show them the real you
  • Don’t forget to tell a story

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is.
I’m always amazed how people get so into the stuff
they’re writing about that they forget to tell
their reader why. Why is it so important? What
difference has it actually made to you?
Why does it matter and what can they learn from it
that’s REAL?

So, tell a story.
The story of you in relation to the stuff you’re
writing about.
Tell a story with a good structure, some
interesting characters (you can be one of them!)
and make sure there’s some kind of conflict.

No-one would have cared about Romeo and Juliet if
their families took vacations together.
No-one would have been interested in Snow White if
her step mother hadn’t been jealous of her.
So give your story a plot, some conflict and a
clear resolution.
It will make all the difference!

Can I tell you a story?

There was once a man who wanted to find the truth.
He travelled the world, from country to country,
town to town, village to village.
Nobody knew where the truth lived.
Some had great theories, but the man was not
successful and he kept searching.

One day, in a small village far away, the people
told him that they had heard that the truth lived
at the top of the mountain, just nearby.
He walked for several more days until he arrived
at a small house on the mountain top.
He knocked on the door.
An old, old woman answered. She had long grey
hair, many wrinkles on her face but bright,
shining eyes. He knew he had arrived. He said,
“I am looking for the truth.” And she replied,” I
am the truth.”
The man stayed with her for a long time. He
learned everything there is to know about the
truth and after several years, he decided it was
time to return to the world.
Just before he left, he asked the old woman,” Is
there anything you would like to world to know
about the truth? Any message you would like me to
She thought for a moment and then said, “when they
ask you what is the truth like?
Tell them I’m young and beautiful.”

I’ve wondered about this story for years. It
makes me smile and just when I think I know what
it means, another question pops up.

What I do know that I’ve always felt very
connected to the concept of truth. And I know
that I have been blessed by many wise women in my
life who have told me truths.

What do you think it means?
Leave a comment below.

Best wishes and best stories

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18 comments on “Don’t do this if you want people to read your blog!

  1. It means he has a final test to take away down the mountain before meeting his old friends back home when his inner demons are challenging him ‘did he really find truth – and how can he absolutely be sure of that’ …He get’s to define it for what it really is for him and how he feels in it’s Presence.

  2. The truth never gets old. its always beautiful tell the truth. when u think a lies there always ugly and the hurt innocent people. Not beautiful. lies ages you.the truth keeps u beautiful inside and out effortless.

  3. The reality of the story, the way I see it, was that she was an old woman. She chose to describe herself in a way that wasn't absolutely true. I think it means the truth isn't absolute. It isn't black and white. It shifts and a person's perspective plays a role in perception of truth.

  4. My thoughts…

    If the man, the seeker had described truth (to the masses) as he ‘saw’ her, I wonder how many people would have readily accepted the ‘truth’?

    I believe that truth (the old woman) intuited that the masses would not accept the ‘warts and all’ version of the ‘truth’. Instead, she offered a ‘sugar coated’ description that the masses would readily accept.

    Truth is indeed a timeless. Is she beautiful? I think it depends very much the ‘readiness’ of the deliverer and receiver of ‘truth’. On that note, I believe that beauty is very much in the eyes of the beholder. She is neither old or young and fully embodies the beauty of the maiden, the mother and the crone. The knowledge and wisdom of the ages.

    I perceived that the ‘truth’ is as young as she is old.

    • Yes, nice explanation…I agree that truth is timeless but I hate the idea that she has to lie in order to make a version that the masses would accept?!!! Thanks for your thoughtful comment Annette! Best wishes, Lisa

      • Hi Lisa

        I was just thinking…what if ‘truth’ wasn’t lying. What if, she simply choose to describe one dimension and/or aspect of self, herself. Considering that ‘truth’ has existed since time immemorial, she is as old as she is young and is as young as she is old. What do you think?

        Best wishes

        Annette 🙂

        p.s. Fantastic story. Thank you for sharing.

        • yes, I like this. And of course, beauty is not skin deep nor is age…so was she really lying?
          Nice, my pleasure, love sharing these wonderful gems! Best wishes, Lisa

  5. That the truth is always pure and it doesn't get old. By living the truth, your body may age, but your spirit will always be young and beautiful.

  6. I think what Truth is describing is the inner beauty, that truth is refreshing, energizing and renewed as time goes by, therefore, never age.

  7. Ahhhh.."Tell them I'm young and beautiful"..She'd not! according to the story. I'm believing the truth can very well be a lie..Thanks for the smile and I agree on another question in me popping up..LOL.

  8. My interpretation:
    The truth of a situation, thing, experience is rarely clear (or understood) based on its exterior appearance. I believe she told the truth of who she really is. If we are really seeking the truth, sometimes we have to dig a little deeper and go beyond the surface.
    I love this story! ❤

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