Don’t you just hate it?

Valentine’s Day was always a nightmare.
Would I get a card?
Would I be the only one without a valentine?
Would the boy I loved love me back.
Such pressure, I used to hate it.

And I loved it too. 
I loved the possibility that someone did actually love me.
I loved the imagining that the day would end well.
I love the romance and the notion that I would find my prince.

I believed the stories and then I started to hate
them.  And blame them.
Why do they feed us that drivel, there is no
prince, there’s no white horse, I would say.

My best friend and I fell for the same guy.  He
was smart and cute and very popular.  He was tall
and handsome and really funny.  I actually got
tongue-tied when I tried to talk to him.  But I
knew that it didn’t matter, he could really see
me.  He liked me, he’d always come over and sit
with me in the library and we would have to be
shushed because of the giggling.

Then he started dating my best friend, they were
in love it seemed.  
They were the sweetest couple, went everywhere
together, a match made in heaven they said.

Valentine’s Day was a real blast that year.

But then I fell in love.  For real, and it was
all true.  And it was all worth it, even the

That moment of being in love….
That feeling that nothing else matters…

And then I really got it.
It’s the loving that’s as important as being
love, and you don’t have to wait for that.
You can love any time.  You can love all the
And it really is true, nothing else matters!

Once I opened the door to love, I realized it was
everywhere.  And it is catching.

It doesn’t even have to be reciprocated. 
You experience life in a different way when it is
from a place of love, inwards and out wards.

The truth is, I still don’t adore Valentine’s
day.  You see, one day is not enough.  But I have
to admit, it’s a good reminder. 

Just when we forget what it’s all about, this day
arrives and we are inundated with mushy stuff,
roses and cards and commercial nonsense….but we
are reminded.

Just love.

How about it?
Can you just love?

What’s your best love story?  Share it below!

Best wishes and best stories

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4 comments on “Don’t you just hate it?

  1. hi Lisa…your story brought memories–some painful, some joyful–of Valentines Days past. That wondering if you’d get a card or not….did someone really love you?

    Since the falling apart of my marriage 5 years ago, Valentines Days have slipped by unnoticed or unregarded. Just another day.

    But today I received a text with a heartfelt expression of love from someone I hold very dear. . . a second chance at real love. Perhaps, perhaps not. But feeling love is wonderful and loving someone in return is such a joy. I feel blessed today.

    So today on my morning run through the west end of town, I sent out love through my smile and “good mornings” and a friendly wave to the strangers I met, the old men on the street, the young woman in the cafe, the shopkeeper sitting on a stool behind the counter, the old woman sitting at her 3rd floor window, a bus driver.

    And in my encounters with others, I intend to give them more of my attention for as Paul Tillich reminds us, “Listening is an act of love.”

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Lisa!


  2. Thank you for the story, Lisa!

    Yesterday, I felt a bit depressed about Valentine’s Day. Even though I am quite happy as single I’d love to have a partner. I talked about to a friend. This morning I received an electronic rose from her. She wrote me: “For me you are a treasure. Not just on Valentine’s Day”. This card reminded me that our friendship has survived three relationship, that she always gives me her support and trust when I am feeling a bit down. I am deeply grateful that she is my friend. So I decided to spend a lovely evening alone, enjoying all the special treats I love.

    I assume that Valentine’s Day is a nice reminder, yet love should be with us every day. And it can be found in many places when we are open to it!

    Have a lovely day!

    Best regards,

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