Feelin’ Groovy

It’s been a tougher day than most – you know the kind.

I find myself in the coffee shop, trying get stuff done and still shell-shocked from the day that was in it (as they’d say in Ireland!)

Weighed down by the stories of others – a hazard of the job I guess. Though this was personal. A life cut so tragically short.

The ceremony was as beautiful, creative and heart breaking as you could imagine given the nature of the violent and tragic end of this beautiful suffering soul.

Each person there held dear their stories. The connections. And the pain bubbled over, as it does.

And I wondered, yet again, who do we cry for, who do we mourn.

I look around and see the couple in the corner. There’s a story there. You can see in the way they sit, the smiles, the light touches, the shy familiarity.

And the two old men speaking in loud voices not listening to each other. The family on the other side, the women all covered up in traditional religious garb. The lone diner pouring over his phone.

The woman working opposite me just got surprised by her partner and little boy who came in to say hello and drink some hot chocolate. We’ve worked opposite each other for weeks, this is the first time that I know she has a family.

So many stories. So much we assume yet don’t know about each other. So much joy, so much pain. So many stories. So much life.

Then a surprise ping to a youtube video puts a smile on my face.

What story do you notice today, share it here.

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