Finding Treasure

The market was hopping. People selling their wares; from pineapple to pyramids, ceramics to celery – food and craft all mixed together – a visceral experience of sight, sound and smell.

We were free – no kids, no work…and roaming around the city to our heart’s content (and our stomach’s!).

He stopped at the stall where the artist showed beautiful examples of wood turning. They discussed the tools and the types of trees that provided the pieces.

The wood turner mentioned her first, he described her craft as astounding, like nothing he’d ever seen before.

I went over to take a look. It was beautiful. Her jewelry was crafted from materials I’d never known could be used in this way, her designs unlike anything I was familiar with.

She had a beautiful face. She was not from here. We smiled. I walked away, alive with the imaginings of a business that I could see for her, the type of impact she could have in the world.

I mentioned it to him. He said, go back, talk to her.

I did.

She began to tell me her story. Her work with indigenous tribes, the knowledge and wisdom she was honored to immerse in her jewelry. She told me of her journey through abuse and loss. Her rebirth into a home and love that works. She radiated as she told her story.

I felt so blessed to have met her. To hear a tiny piece of her story and understand the impact of her presence in the world.

I could so easily have exchanged a smile and walked on by. I would have dismissed her and her work as a nice distraction. I would have missed her story.

The chance to hear someone’s story is there in every moment. The chance to be inspired and enriched by a complete stranger is open to us all, all the time. By sharing our stories and listening to others.

It’s what makes community, connection and meaning possible. All it takes is curiosity and the courage to reach out. All it takes is to seize the moment and open up. The story does the rest of the work.

What story have your heard or shared this week?

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