Get More Creative – 5 Ideas That Really Work!

There is no such thing as a person who is not creative.

We all have a creative spirit and creative potential, the question is: Do we nurture and develop our creativity, or do we stifle and suppress it?

I often meet people who say things like –

Well, that’s easy for you, you’re so creative!

I’m just not a creative person

I don’t have a creative cell in my body

I don’t have great ideas, I’m just not an’ ideas’ person.

I don’t buy it, I think it’s either a total cop out, or it’s simply the product of years of suppressing creativity and concentrating on other stuff.

There is no such thing as a person who is incapable of creativity.

So, here are 5 ideas to help you access your innate creativity, figure out how to rekindle that creative spirit, and connect with your true creative self:

1.       Take a walk, early in the morning

Here’s the idea, you get out while the rest of the house is asleep (perfect time to walk your dog if you have one!).  If you can, get into nature, even if it’s a small park inside a city.  There won’t be many people around so you’ll feel the quiet and serenity of the early morning.  Notice your environment, watch everything wake up around you.

2.       Create a practice of gratitude. 

You have some options here; you can keep a notebook that you write in, in the evening, simply stating what you are thankful for today.  You can introduce a practice (we do this!) at the dinner table in the evening.  Simply ask, who would like to say a ‘thank-you’? What happened today that you are grateful for? Or you can do a morning ritual (perhaps during your early walk) where you list the top three things you are thankful for.  And make this your morning prayer.

3.       Listen to a GREAT piece of music

At least once a day, listen to a song or a piece of music that you love to sing along with (the singing along with is really important!).  Don’t worry about who may be listening, just sing out loud for one whole song!

4.       Dance (preferably for at least 10 minutes every day)

You can do it while you’re singing along (there you go, two in one!) or do it in addition.  Find some music that lifts your spirits and moves your body.  You can’t help feeling a surge of creativity and freedom when your body is moving to a sound and beat that totally resonates with you!  (you know it’s Zumba that does it for me!!).

5.       Hug someone

Okay, you’re probably thinking, she’s really lost it now.

But here’s the thing.  It really makes a difference.  Having that human or even canine contact, yep, hugging your pet will work too!  It doesn’t really matter who you hug, just make sure it’s a real hug.  You know the kind; no whacking the back of the person you are hugging but just that open hearted closeness.  It’s magic!

So, 5 really easy things you can do that work. This isn’t just about being happier, but it actually gets the creative juices flowing.  Try it and let me know.

And in the meantime, if you have any really good practices or ideas, share below.

Best wishes and best stories



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2 comments on “Get More Creative – 5 Ideas That Really Work!

  1. Lisa, This list is first class, thank you! I suggest all these things to various clients/students, perhaps not altogether like that, but your list is so simple and clear. (it s quite sad to think that people mat go through their days without any of these things, isn't it? they should be essential human rights!)

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