Get thrilled – how?

My son loves to go to the Luna Park. In the eleven years of his life he has been four times.  When I ask him what he loves about it, he says, I just love the rides. 

But what about the rides do you love, I ask (talking is not always his strong point!).  

And he says, I like when they spin around themselves and you feel excited and dizzy and you don’t know what is going to happen next and when it’s going to end.

When I was a kid I loved these kinds of parks too.

When Funderland came to Dublin a month or so before Christmas, we did everything we could to get there, as often as possible! 

I remember the thrill of the rides, the candy floss and popcorn, I remember the excitement and dizziness.

I haven’t been on one of those rides for years.

And I wonder about that thrill seeking urge, I think about what it is that makes me feel like that now; excited and dizzy, wondering what’s going to happen next and when it’s going to end.

And I realize that there are many things in my life that do it for me, perhaps life itself is the best ride of all!

So here it is; the list of real, living-the-moment, breathe deep and enjoy-the-ride thrills – the top 10 (in no particular order)!

10 – Getting a letter in the post, you know, not bills but a real old-fashioned letter!

9 – That unexpected ‘Notification of Payment’ email that our friends in paypal send out, yippee!

8 – Driving home in the late afternoon and seeing his car parked outside the house – yah, he’s home early!

7 – The hugest hug from the littlest soul, climbing on my lap, wrapping their arms around me, tucking their head under my chin and then a smacked kiss of a sleepy goodnight!

6 – A late night call from my sister in a far off land, sitting down with a cup of tea for a great chat!

5 – Popcorn, kids asleep, screen lowered and a great movie at home, snug on the couch!

4 – Starting a new program with new clients and new stories waiting to be told!

3 – A fresh, crisp new book – each page unfolding an unexpected adventure!

2 – The very first song in a Zumba class, as I

start to dance my feet off and smile for a whole

hour of pure pleasure!

1 – Getting a thank you email after a class or

coaching session that tells me that I made a


What’s your best ways to get thrills and enjoy the

magic ride of life?

I’d love to hear!

Please go ahead and leave a comment

And don’t forget to have a magnificent day!

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4 comments on “Get thrilled – how?

  1. After reading your blog the first thrll that popped in my head was this:

    I have a son about 35 years old who I have struggled to have a relationship with. He became involved with drugs and he went for long periods of time without speaking to me and if he did he was mean spirited. I know it was also my fault, but I tried and tried to get out relationship back.

    He got away from the drugs , got married , had a baby with his new bride, and gradually let me back into his world. Our visits were still very stressful and still unfriendly. His baby grew to about 2 years old and during one of our trips to visit, he walked across the floor and put his arms in the air for me to hold him. It was like a symphony to me! I almost burst into tears. I looked around the room and no one seemed to grasp the moment. My son is gradually warming to me, but my real joy is watching and waiting for my grandson to come to me. I love your stories.

  2. I feel exactly the same way regarding #2 on your list – the first bars of music start and I forget about everything else!

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